bone health slideshow

  • 5 Foods that contribute to low bone density

    What we eat plays an important role in building and maintaining bone density. Beware of these foods that reduce bone density and cause bone loss.

  • Ways to restore bone density

    Loss of bone density is considered one of the signs of getting older. It is by age 20 that there is a decrease in bone density. However, there are several ways you can counter the decline and protect bone density from an early age.

  • Things your doctor won’t tell you about your bones

    You are wrong to think that doctors tell your everything about your health. So, here are some important things about bones that orthopaedics wouldn’t tell you.

  • 10 Tips to bolster bone health

    Bones are the support system of the body. Your lifestyle choices have a certain role in assisting the bone-building process and keeping them stronger.

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