blood tests slideshow

  • Donate blood to save life

    Donating blood is a noble cause which accounts to donating life. Here are some necessary facts about blood donation.

  • 10 Things your doctor won’t tell you about blood tests

    Being asked to get your blood tested? Understand what your blood test results actually mean as your doctor may not explain everything to you.

  • Best foods to boost red blood cell count

    Your food choices can help increase the number of red blood cells in your body; this is how you eat your way to better blood cell health.

  • Blood Tests you Must Take to Keep Diseases at Bay

    The importance of regular checkups is quite well-known. However, the hassles of visiting a doctor and then undergoing time-consuming tests make people change their mind and skip their routine checkups.

  • 7 Myths about Life-threatening Blood Clots

    Blood clots form due to blood hardening. They can form in the blood vessels or even within the heart. There are several popular myths and misconceptions about blood clots.

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