Bizarre Home Remedies for Common Cold

Jan 18, 2014

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    Did You Know?

    For those people who belong to the land of Ayurveda, home remedy is the most preferred method for healing. Medications, for such people are the last resort because they believe that home remedy is all that a cold, flu or cough needs to heal by itself. While you would be familiar with all the common types of home remedies for different everyday problems, here are some really bizarre ones that we are sure you would have never come across.

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    Burnt Onions

    Yes, burnt onions add a soothing flavour to biryani, but they are also an amazing cure for common cold. And. We are not kidding. Try for yourself if you do not believe us; take an onion and burn it on a direct flame. Eat it once it is well-burnt. It is an established fact that burnt onions cure chest congestion and cough.

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    Dung Remedy

    Cow dung is dear to us Indians, though only for plastering the walls and as a fuel. Turns out, if you put fresh dung on your chest in the form of a cross, you would free yourself of chest congestion. Would you dare to give this one a try?

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    Frog Skin

    If you take the idea of a frog’s skin and its supposed ability to cure flu, you would find no relation whatsoever, but if you take the frog’s skin and its ability to give you respite from a croaking voice, bang on! So, the next time you have a manic cold, just rip off a frog’s skin, dry it, powder it, add it to fruit juice, drink it and start singing.

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    Betel Leaves

    This is one bizarre fact that even the paanwallas would not know about. Betel leaves can help in fighting the cold. All you would have to do is squeeze the juice out of beetle leaves with a drop of honey and take as it is. You would find instant relief from the cold.

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    Alcohol does Cure Sometimes

    As per an old tradition, the best way to cure common cold was to drink alcohol. The next time you have cold, place an object on the table in front of you and drink whiskey till you see two of the one object that you placed. Now, once you are tipsy enough, hit the sack and be there till you feel better.

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    Smelly Socks

    To cure your cold, just put on a wet sock. To wet the sock, take a tub of warm water and dip your feet in it. Now, take a thin pair of socks and dip it in cold water, squeeze the water away and wear them. Once this is done, take a thick pair of socks and pull it over the wet one. Do this at bed time so you can sleep the night off. The wetness of the sock will draw blood to the feet and help boost circulation, clearing chest congestion.

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    Every time we have a sore throat, we gargle with salt water. But, make sure you try chocolate the next time when you gargle. The theobromine that is present in chocolate is said to soothe sensory nerves, thereby, promising relief to chest congestion.