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Bipolar Disorder and Sexual Health

Bipolar Disorder can create much trouble for a person, one of it is his or her sexuality. Here is an insight on bipolar disorder and sexual health.

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Mar 29, 2014

The Bipolar Situation

Bipolar disorder is the mental disease that goes to extremes. You will experience extremes of mood and that is the same for sexuality. Sexual activity swings back and forth between periods of hyper sexuality and the manic phase, and then there is the complete loss of sex drive when there is a depressive episode.

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Understanding the Extremes

Bipolar disorder is all about extremities. You want to eat, you don't want to eat, you want to sleep and then again you don't want to sleep. Then finally there is when we want to have sex and we do not want to have sex, and a manic episode of sexual desire can be very intense.

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Hyper Sexuality

This is something to be scared of when one is suffering from bipolar disorder. There is chance that you will act inappropriately with other people when it comes to sexual behaviour. Adults often ruin their relationship due to wrong sexual judgement.

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Risk of Sexual Diseases

There is an increase in the risk of sexual diseases when you are suffering from bipolar disorder. This is primarily because of poor judgement, people suffering from bipolar and indulging in sexual activities may not use condoms or take other birth control measures.

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Sexual Addiction

For some people the hypersexuality goes further and becomes an addiction and they are very real. Addiction to sexual activities can be very destructive indeed, and people affected by bipolar disorder have chances of getting addicted.

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Devastating Results

Sexual addiction due to hypersexuality in bipolar can go to an all time low with unnatural sexual behaviour. These include compulsive masturbation, compulsive sex with prostitutes, sexual fanatsies, sexual abuse and the likes.

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The Depressive Side

A person affected by bipolar disorder can behave in an exact opposite way when he or she is having a bout of depression. The symptoms are opposite to that of a manic episode and people suffer from low sex drive.

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Lack of Self Confidence

During the depressive episodes of bipolar disorder a person who is suffering from it can become extremely aloof and illusioned. He or she may not have all the energy to have sex and also may not like his or her own physical self. It can be difficult to get this person to indulge in sex.

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Failing Relations

A disorder like Bipolar can make the affected person and his or her partner have a fall out. In all honesty no one would like a partner with such extreme mood swings when it comes to sexuality. The highs are as bad as the lows and this could destroy relations.

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Depression due to Hyposexuality

Now the fact is that due to your feeling of hyposexuality or complete lack of interest in sex you may be pushed into depression. This means that depression can be brought about by hyposexuality or lack of interest in sex.

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It is very important that these issues get addressed by a professional therapist. Hyposexuality and hypersexuality are two sides of the same coin. These sudden bouts can have a deep impact on any individual and hence treating these problems with therapy should be a priority.

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