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Best ways to Boost your Bedroom Confidence

Feeling shy and lack the confidence in bed? Here are the ways to help you make you the source of the good times for your partner.

Snr By Meenakshi Chaudhary / May 17, 2014

Bedroom Confidence

Most guys lack confidence in their ability to physically turn on a woman or to make their partner happy in bed. Here are the tips that can help you boost your bedroom confidence. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Plan It

Get comfortable with the real act by thinking about it more. You can plan every move in advance. Eventually you will end up surprising your partner with a passionate night together. Always be ready for the next encounter. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Read Sex

Sometimes you may be short of ideas on how to start it. To feel comfortable with the thought of sex you can read an article about sex, or watch some movie. It will make sex a normal part of your life. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Uncover Yourself

Uncover the source of sexual confidence. Sexual confidence comes as a result of knowing how to give a woman mind-blowing pleasure. Seek every source that helps you know what you can do to make your partner happy in bed. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Don't Feel Shy

Your bedroom isn't the right place to be shy. It doesn't make you look cute. It will only disappoint your partner. Even if you feel shy don't show it. Soon you will stop feeling it and will concentrate on your partner. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Body Image

Most people lose confidence in bed due to their less stunning body image. If you too face the same challenge, start working out and get in a better shape. You can always expect your partner to adore you even more when you are in a better shape. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


You are always concerned about your partner reacting to your advances in bed and that takes a toll on your confidence. Surprise your partner with something so that he/she don't have time to react the way they usually do. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Discuss It

Your partner can be the best person to help you feel comfortable in bed. Discuss everything with him/her and look forward to having a wonderful time together in bed. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Forget Bad Memories

Memories from the past can often ruin your mood and the night. Forget all the traumatic memories and enjoy the time you get to spend with your partner. Thinking about past is only going to make you and your partner uncomfortable. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Be Wild

Don't feel shy or reluctant, instead be wild and dare to explore new things in bed. It will gradually boost your confidence as well as performance in bed. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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