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Best Healthy Lifestyle iPhone and Android Apps

In these times of technology there are so many applications available that an make your life simpler and easier. Here are some very interesting and helpful health apps for iPhone and Android phones.

Miscellaneous By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Apr 05, 2014

Latest Applications for Health

During a time when technological advancement knows no end it is only normal to have applications doing the rounds of everyone's mobile phones. Imagine a mobile app that makes your life easier and helps you to lead a healthier life. Having a healthy lifestyle is very important as this helps to keep your life steady. This is why we have brought to you 10 latest mobile applications that will ensure that you live a healthy and better life.

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Pocket First Aid and CPR

This application is a relief for worried parents, as it lets you know how to react to an emergency situation. What do you do when someone gets hurt? The Pocket First Aid and CPR app walks you through the most common first aid scenarios. These include, choking, burns, and diabetic emergencies. You will get step by step instructions and videos regarding how to act during such times.

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Symple Symptom Tracker

Now you do not have to leave your medical symptoms to your judgement anymore, here you have Symple Symptom Tracker. This application is good for those people who suffer from chronic diseases and can also be used by those who do not. This will revise a treatment plan specifically and quickly for you. Furthermore, this app will also allow you to understand how a medicine would make you feel after taking it for sometime. Record how often you exercise and what medicine you have taken and how often you have taken them, also you could get factors that will ease your symptoms. Great app!

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Drugs.com MedicatioN Guide

You can now keep your prescription information all in one place, as this will let you be free of writing down prescription numbers, pharmacy numbers and all that. This is an app presented by Drugs.com that can help you to keep track of all your medical records on your phone. You can enter all your medicines that you take and the conditions that you are treating including any allregies. This application will allow you to manage your meds, simple and easy!

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This application has been designed with the help of physicians from the Stanford Cancer Institute and is used for the cancer patients. Cancer is a difficult time and you need this app to make your life easier. This app helps you to keep a track of appointments, names, places, scheduled procedure, and also medicines. It is fairly easy to use and you can record memos and also your doctor's appointments. Furthermore, you can track tests and the results! Any given day, a hands down winner and a gem of an app for cancer resources.

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Whole Foods Market Recipes

Eating healthy foods is on every one's mind these days and healthy eating starts at home. Your phone can be a great help to cook creative recipes and shop for the right groceries. You could search the recipe index on the app and find out what you could eat for tonight's dinner. You can also save recipes, create a shopping list from it and shop from the list while you are at a store. The app also allows you to see what is on sale at your local store and creates a menu.

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A sick child is every parent's worry and this app can be of great help here. The American Academy of Pediatrics created the KidsDoc app in order to help you to analyse your child's symptoms when he or she falls sick and decides what are the best treatment for the little one. Pick your child's predominant symptom and select an area of your child's body that hurts and you also have photos that will help you to decide if the symptoms match any potential cause. The app will also tell you when to seek emergency medical help after scrutinizing your child's problem.

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My Diet Coach

Once again there comes a great app that keeps a check on your diet, and this app addresses something very different. Here you have a cheerleader in the form of an application that will healp you to beat all odds and keep you going to realising your dream. For example if you have a food craving then give yourself food craving 15 which a stopwatch times for 15 minutes and after which it lets you see whether you are still craving for that food. This app also gives your motivational tips, suggestions and thought cues.

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Now we generally place our phones in our pockets or on the hip and this can be used to our benefit. The Moves App works as a pedometer, working its way for you when you walk, run, or cycle. It uses GPS and your phone can recognise where you are and thus creates a point in the timeline of your day. It is very good for you as it creates accountability for yourself and can find ways and times when you can create more exercise and you can see if you are reaching your goal. This app however drains the battery of phones that have weak battery.

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This is a training app which is good because it makes it possible for you to track each of your workout sessions. There is an interactive real-time tracker that will guide you to tailor your sessions to your daily routine. These sessions then evolve as you do. Therefore, if you do 100 sit ups very easily you can increase the workout plan very easily with this app. Your UniqueTrainer will be confined to your needs and will allow you to progress according to your needs.

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Finally after all the running around and exercising you need a good night's sleep, and Relaxia does that for you. Nothing is more important that a good night's sleep and the truth is that an average person does not ever get the proper rest and sleep that he or she requires. Take fifteen minutes per day to turn off all your stress and go to a peaceful place in your mind with the natural sounds of Relaxia. You could choose from rain and thunder, beach sounds, underwater ocean life, fire, and forests. You have the freedom to set a timer and either let the sounds of nature take you in or calm your mind for the day ahead.

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