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Best Contraceptives for Men

Find out what are the available contraceptives for men in order to avoid pregnancy.

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Feb 26, 2014

The Ways to Avoid Pregnancy

An unwanted pregnancy is like an unexpected and most times unwelcomed guest. You really don’t know what you should do as and when it strikes upon you, and all you can ever do is moan. When having sex, contraceptives can really help if you wish to keep away from pregnancy. Pregnancy becomes a big problem when you do not want it, but what we forget is that there are so many ways to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Find out which contraceptive methods work best for men, here are the latest!

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Contraceptive Pills

Yes boys can also have contraceptive pills working for them! These pills are good and they actually help to prevent the production of sperm. The good news for you is that while it is doping its work from preventing the production of sperm, it is also maintain your sex drive without causing any problem to it. It has been found in clinical tests that sperm count drops to zero, thus making it super effective to avoid pregnancy.

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Contraceptive Injection

Yes, you read it right, just a bit of pinch and you are free of any sperm. These injections are a combination of testosterone and progesterone hormones and this stops the production of sperms. The contraceptive injections are definitely effective and are a good way to control pregnancy without making you go through the perils of vasectomy.

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Doctors and specialists believe that vasectomy is the best way for you to avoid pregnancy. Male Vasectomy is the permanent steralisation and it is absolutely great for those looking to avoid the occurrence of a pregnancy. Even the operation procedure is easy and quick and it does not require any post operative test. The best part about this procedure is that it is reversible!

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The most common and popular mode of contraceptive, the condom is also an option for you. Condoms are the cheapest and the most popular option for any man to avoid pregnancy. However the trouble with condoms is that they can wear and tear and hence they are not as effective as you would want them to be. It has been found that condoms falter and result in pregnancy.

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Pull Out

This requires a lot of practice and good sense. Pulling out at the time of ejaculation can be a very good method of contraception, but this method demands a lot of control from you. You will have to withdraw the penis just moments before ejaculating, and many men get it wrong and cause trouble. There is also the pre-cum which can come out pretty unexpectedly, and they can also make her pregnant.

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Ultrasound Contraceptive

Ultrasound is the method used for sport injury. When you use this same method for male contraception then it is applied to the testes. It is painless in nature and the heat waves help to reduce sperm count. This birth control method has been tested on animals and is yet to be applied on humans. Questions like the amount of time, and how long the impotency will last are some questions that still need to be addressed.

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Well, you definitely did hear of intercourse, but what is outercourse? In slang terms we call it dry humping and it is not for you to engage in vaginal intercourse. Outrcourse does not allow any form on penetration, be it oral or vaginal.

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Clean Sheets Pill

This birth control method works in favour of not transmitting STDs and HIV and the birth control method stops the release of semen but also maintains your sex drive. This Clean Sheets Pill works in controlling the muscles and helps to cut off the flow. The fluids remain where they are and are also re-absorbed by the body naturally.

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This is by far the best way to prevent pregnancy. If you do not attempt to have sex there is no way that you can get anyone pregnant, so just simply don’t! Abstinence is the only birth control method which is 100 percent effective. As you can see, abstinence is a natural process and does not require any surgery or any other modes of contraception.

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This is an Indonesian pill that is obtained from Justica Gendurusa plant and this plant has anti-inflammatory properties. But when this is used in male contraception this destroys the enzymes of the sperm head and make it impotent to penetrate the ovum. Many researches are still going on regarding this pill.

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