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Best benefits and uses of rock salt

Rock salt may sound like just another form of salt used to enhance the taste of food. But, it can offer some amazing health benefits too.

Exercise & Fitness By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jun 07, 2015

Rock (your health) salt

Rock salt, also called sendha namak, is a naturally occurring isometric crystal of salt. It is commonly used as a taste enhancer in food and has many health benefits to offer. Not only is it economical, but it is also easily available in crystal, powder or liquid form. Here are some amazing health benefits of rock salt. Image Source: huffingtonpost.com

Mineral storehouse

Rock salt contains several minerals including magnesium and calcium. Rich in minerals and trace elements, rock salt can keep your body healthy by providing ample amount of these minerals required for normal organ functioning. Image Source: Theguardian.com

Boosts metabolism

Sendha namak naturally boosts metabolism and an improved metabolism stimulates enhanced functioning of the body. With a better metabolic state, rock salt can help you maintain healthy weight and keep your digestive system on track. Image Source:Healthyceleb.com

Helps with pulmonary conditions

Rock salt can remove harmful ions from the air by ionising it. It can make air safer to breathe and improve management of pulmonary conditions. This is why rock salt is also used to make natural breathing pipes. Image source: Truemedcost.com

Improves mood

Because rock salt has the ability to ionise harmful ions from the air, it promotes proper oxygen flow inside the body which helps you to feel active and boosts your mood. It can also be very effective in treating seasonal affective disorder.

Busts stress

The healthy rock salt not only makes you feel active, but it also relaxes the mind, giving you a break from stress. Breathing in the aroma of rock salt can be an effective stress buster.

Boosts appetite

A pinch of rock salt in your food makes it tastier. You may end up liking the dish and eating more of it. Not only that, rock salt also stimulates digestion, which will further improve your appetite.

Supports healthy bowel movement

Rock salt when present in food reduces acidity and supports bowel movement. You may expect a healthy digestive system if your diet includes some amount of rock salt in it. Add a pinch of rock salt to your diet to reap the positive effects of sendha namak. Image Source : Getty


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