Best and Worst Foods during Sickness

Dec 31, 2014

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    Making the Right Choices!

    Falling sick can never be fun. To fight seasonal sickness, most of us prefer staying in the bed, taking plenty of sleep and thereby reducing stress levels. But, did you know that your food also plays an important role in fighting sickness? Of course, it does. Some foods are always better than others when you are fighting bad health. So, here are some best and worst foods which you must eat or avoid while fighting the bad weather.

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    Best Foods:Chicken Soup

    For a long time now, chicken soup has been considered the best remedy to treat sickness. There is a reason behind this. The slow-cooked bone broth is rich in nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals which are otherwise difficult to obtain. If your body suffers a deficiency, you might face a harder time to fight sickness and if you drink chicken soup it will help you overcome the deficiency.

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    Hot Tea

    The health benefits of green tea are not hidden from many. Not only is it loaded with antioxidants but it also contains anti-viral and antibacterial properties. If you can’t do without caffeine, drink chamomile tea which increases phenols in the body. Phenols are antioxidants that are believed to contain antibacterial powers that can fight diseases.

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    Raw Honey

    If you suffer from chest congestion or cough, honey is your remedy. Honey sometimes thought to be as effective in fighting cough as some over-the-counter medications. A study in 2010 showed that children who suffered from upper respiratory infections, experienced more relief from a 2.5ml serving of honey before bed time than from over-the-counter medicines. The New Zealand’s manuka honey is considered to be one of the most medicinal honeys in the world.

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    Worst Foods: Highly Acidic Foods

    While your body fights the disease and tries to obtain its balance back, acidity and inflammation in the body should be completely avoided. Stay away from any foods which can make you sensitive. Eat less red meat or foods that contain gluten, which can be heavy and acidic for the body.

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    Sugary Foods

    Sugar can produce acid in the body. Eating refined sugars and artificial sweeteners can cause inflammation. Switch to honey or maple syrup for sugar substitutes, which are full of healthy minerals, or eat whole fruits which can balance the intake of sugar with fiber.

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    Fattening Foods

    Chicken in any form isn’t good for your health. If you thought fried chicken was as good as chicken soup, you are highly mistaken here. Foods those are high in grease and fat content can often leave your stomach unsettled and can produce inflammation. Adding some more inflammation to your body while you are fighting a disease is not at all healthy for you. So, just stay away from a burger loaded with no matter how tempting it looks.

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    Dairy Foods

    Although you may find some people arguing over this, but most people believe that having dairy products while you are sick can enhance the development of mucus. If you crave something that can soothe your throat, go for natural popsicles before grabbing a chilly smoothie. However, fermented dairy products like yogurt and kefir can be beneficial in small amounts as they contain high amount of probiotics.

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