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Bengali dishes to try this season

Festive season is around the corner and food is an important part of the Bengali festivity. It is a foodie's paradise with plenty of mouth-watering dishes.

Festival Fever By Suhail Sattar / Sep 27, 2016

Kathi rolls

Kathi roll is perhaps one of the most famous traditional street foods from Kolkata. The kathi roll is filled with onion, tomatoes, chicken, mutton or paneer wrapped in a layer of paratha. You can get a custom-made paratha that suits your taste and is suitable for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

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Fluffy luchi

A Bengali meal can’t be complete unless you have the fluffy deep-fried golden luchis. Made out of maida, the luchis can be enjoyed with spicy dry veggies as well as some opulent gravies.

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Bengali biryani

Biryani is one of the most popular specialties that comes with a unique aroma of desi ghee mixed with rich masalas cooked with rice and juicy chicken/mutton. The Bengali biryani comes with big potato pieces, taking the evergreen dish to an all new level of unique. Sauteed spices and rich flavor make this item a mouth-watering recipe.

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Mughlai paratha

Talking of Bengali delicacies, the mughlai paratha is another mouth-watering street food from Kolkata. The paratha is stuffed with egg, veggies or minced meat and will definitely make your mouth drool.

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Bengali mishti doi (sweet yogurt)

No Bengali festival is complete without the palatable mishitdoi (sweet curd). This light dish helps cool down quickly after a meal, leaving a sweet taste behind. Mishti Doi has a thick and dense texture and when dry fruits are added to it, it delivers an ice cream-like crunchy flavor.



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