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Benefits of Mustard for Skin, Hair and Health

Mustard is an integral ingredient in Indian kitchens and is used for culinary purposes. Mustard seeds are rich in nutrients and can lend various skin, hair and health benefits. You could eat them raw, cooked or crush them to oil.

Home Remedies By Ariba Khaliq / Sep 10, 2014

The Goodness of Mustard Seeds

We have been eating mustard and crushing it for oil since forever. Indians are literally in love with “sarson da saag.” Containing special taste and flavour, mustard is an indispensible part of any Indian kitchen, be it in the form of seeds, oil, or leaves. Mustard seeds come in three varieties being black, brown and white and are produced in high amounts in India, Canada, Great Britain, Hungary etc. The most widely used form of mustard is its oil which is a hit for purposes like body massages, hair care, skin care, cooking and traditional rituals. Take a look at how mustard bestows its benefits on our skin, hair and health.

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Hydrates and Protects Skin

If you have a dry skin and want to hydrate it naturally, mix crushed mustard seeds with Aloe Vera gel and apply on your face. Wash it off after 15 minutes. Your skin will be free of wrinkles and the mixture also reduces the appearance of fine lines between your brows. Not just this, mustard seeds have these amazing anti-fungal properties that fight off skin infections and keep your skin safe.

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Decelerates Skin Ageing

Vitamin A, C and K are found in abundance in mustard seeds; so are carotene and lutene. All these anti-oxidants prevent free radicals from causing damage to the skin and make it look young, radiant and healthy. Include mustard seeds in your daily diet to look young for as long as you wish.

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Natural Scrub

Mustard seeds can be used alone or with essential oils to exfoliate your skin naturally. Grind some mustard seeds but make sure the granules are not powdered, and mix them with lavender or rose essential oil. Scrub your face and arms with this mixture to remove stubborn dead skin cells. After you have washed your skin, you will find a smooth and radiant skin. Regular use of this scrub helps clear blemishes and pimples from the face.

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Conditions Hair

Mustard seeds contain fatty acids which work great on hair as a conditioner. Oil your hair from roots to tips for a peachy shine and bounce. Leave the oil overnight to penetrate the scalp and work from within. Wash it off with shampoo the next morning. For better results, you could also heat the oil up to warm and apply. Unadulterated mustard oil works best for your hair, so you might want to buy mustard seeds and grind them at home.

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Boosts Hair Growth

Vitamin A works bang-on when used for hair growth. And we have already mentioned how vitamin A is found copiously in mustard seeds. The same head massage with mustard oil left overnight stimulates the blood flow in your hair roots and makes your tresses grow thicker and faster.

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Strengthens Hair

To ensure proper hair growth and health, one must supply it with protein, calcium, vitamin E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. There is one thing which contains all these elements, and it’s mustard oil. No points for guessing this one. Applying mustard oil prevents hair fall and as a result your hair grows long and thick.

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Relieves Muscle Pain

Remember how your grannies swear by the power of mustard seeds whenever they have that nagging knee or back pain? This one’s not without a reason. Applying warm mustard oil to the paining body site alleviates sore and aching muscle pain. You could also soak yourself in a tub of warm water and powdered mustard seeds.

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Helps in Asthma, Blood Pressure, Menopause Problems

Components like iron, magnesium, selenium and copper help people stay fit and healthy by avoiding asthma attacks, preventing blood pressure levels from increasing and warding off menstrual problems. Eat a lot of mustard seeds in case you suffer any of these health problems.

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Benefits for Eyes and Nose

Mustard oil contains B group vitamins and carotene which if consumed regularly, can help in treating eye disorders like xerophthalmia. It also provides instant relief from nasal congestion, cold and running nose problems if few drops of raw mustard oil are applied to both nostrils externally.

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