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Miraculous health benefits of eating radish leaves

Radish leaves are packed with such properties that help you keep illnesses at bay. Read out the immense health benefits of the green radish leaves.

Home Remedies By Amrita Kumari / Jan 16, 2017

Boosts Immunity And Reduces Fatigue

Its high vitamin C content boosts the immune system health if eaten regularly. It prevents from the common infections like cold and cough. Radish leaves are high in minerals like Iron and phosphorous, which is known to boost  the body’s immunity. They also contain other essential minerals like vitamin C, vitamin A and thiamine which help fight fatigue.


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Treats Piles

Radish is considered as having more roughage and fibers which helps in facilitating digestion, treating constipation, diarrhea and water retention that’s why it is greatly used to treat piles and its symptoms. Due to its antibacterial properties, radish leaves help decrease swelling and inflammation. Powdered dry radish leaves mixed with equal amount of sugar and a hint of water can be mixed to form a paste.


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It removes excess bilirubin if eaten during jaundice and helps to keep its production under level. Drinking half a liter of radish leaf juice daily for ten days helps to cure jaundice.


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High in minerals and vitamins

The green leaves of a radish contain more nutrients than the entire radish itself. They help supply a nutrient rich diet and also some vital minerals like iron, calcium, folate, vitamin C and phosphorous that are essential for many metabolic  functions.


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Detoxifying Agent

These nutrients and the antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of radish leaves help in detoxifying the body and flushing out toxins. It prevents the kidneys and urinary system from infection and other disorders by removing excess toxins from the body.


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