Benefits of Champagne that Give You Good Reasons to Drink it

May 12, 2014

  • 1

    Popping Bottles and Floating Bubbles

    Champagne is sparkling wine that comes from the Champagne region of north-eastern France. Technically, if the bottle is not from that region, it’s sparkling wine — not champagne. A nice glass of perfectly chilled bubbly is held dear, whether for celebrating a special occasion or for no reason at all. Who knew that along with being a top toasting choice and the perfect mate for fresh-squeezed orange juice, champagne offers health benefits, too? Cheers to that! Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Lowers Blood Pressure

    Research from the British Journal of Nutrition found that champagne has health benefits similar to those often attributed to red wine. The research showed that champagne drinkers experienced a slower removal of nitric oxide from their blood.  It means that sipping a few glasses of champagne may lower blood pressure and potentially reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Prevents Heart Diseases

    Champagne is made from red, as well as white, grapes, and therefore contains most resveratrol. This is an important antioxidant that prevents damage to your blood vessels, reduces bad cholesterol, and prevents blood clots. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Improves Spatial Memory

    Studies have shown that spatial memory can be improved after the consumption of champagne. Spatial memory is the ability to recognize one’s surroundings, as well as perform complex tasks and calculations. It is of particular importance to older people. Image Courtesy: Getty


  • 5

    Contains Antioxidants

    Champagne contains antioxidants – powerful nutrients that work to contain the damage caused by free-roaming radicals in our bodies. Free-roaming radicals are often linked to disease, fatigue and weight gain. Antioxidants are important because they 'quench' these radicals and help protect our cells from damage and death. Image Courtesy: Getty


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    Boosts Your Mood

    It is awesome how champagne also offers us a mental boost? Just a few glasses of champagne can help protect your brain from damage that is commonly associated with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and stroke. Image Courtesy: Getty


  • 7

    Is Fulfilling

    Bubbly drinks such as champagne have been known to make people drink slower, as well as feel full quicker. Once again, this can be good news for your waist line and the way you feel the next morning. And, bubbles are so much more fun! Image Courtesy: Getty


  • 8

    Promotes Short Term Memory

    Research hypothesis says that within three years of imbibing champagne regularly (without over-indulging), a person could have an increase of 200% of the memory-boosting protein in their brain. Image Courtesy: Getty


  • 9

    Contains Fewer Calories

    Champagne contains fewer calories than both red and white wine. A standard glass contains roughly 80 calories, as opposed to wine which is up around the 120 mark. Image Courtesy: Getty