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Below and Above the Belt Problems that Embarrass Men

There are some issues that make it embarrassing for men to discuss with anyone. If you suffer any of these problems, shed your inhibitions and talk to your doctor.

Snr By Ariba KhaliqApr 25, 2014

The Salty Issues

You see your doctor once a year for an average of 15 minutes at maximum and you’re expected to completely surrender your privacy, and letting your doctor in on your embarrassing issues. It may be an unsightly rash on your rear end, or a nagging itch in spot that's just not socially acceptable to scratch. Or perhaps it's something more internal, like a deep-seated, psychological urge to do something you'd be ashamed of. Here are 10 concerns that every man must discuss with his doc. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Lack of Libido

It's often taken for granted that sex is something men are supposed to enjoy and as much as you may dread broaching the topic, your doctor can help you determine if there's a medical or lifestyle-related reason behind your decreased interest in sex. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Erectile Dysfunction

If you think you might have erectile dysfunction, you probably do; and you should be talking about it with your doctor and partner. When more than 1,000 men were asked if they had erectile dysfunction (ED), nine out of 10 of who claimed they were “unsure” had some level of it, found a study published in BMC Urology. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Blood in Urine or Stool

Seeing fecal blood that's not bright red in color may convince you it's something other than blood, or just lead you to "keep an eye on things" or "wait it out" rather than see a doctor. However, the exact hue of the blood in your feces can reveal something about the source of the problem. And that a doctor can do. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Bad Breath

Bad breath is often caused by smelly foods you eat, such as onions or garlic, but in those cases, the problem passes once your body has fully broken down the problem-causing item. If your embarrassing breath isn't food-related, finding out what is causing it could pay dividends to your dental and overall health. Image Courtesy: Getty Images



People with addictions often become quite adept at concealing the condition from others, especially from doctors who could potentially be a source of habit-forming prescription medication. However, talking to your doctor about an addiction may be the best thing you ever do for yourself. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Testicular pain

Your testicles basically hang from a cord of arteries, veins, and nerves inside your scrotum. If the cord twists—often caused by sports injuries—and you don’t see a doctor, the testicle will die within 4 hours. Oops! Image Courtesy: Getty Images



Discussing just about anything that falls under the umbrella of "sex" can feel taboo but ditch your inhibition and talk to your doctor ASAP means treatment can begin immediately, possibly preventing worsening health due to an STD. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Objects Stuck in Wrong Places

Whether the result of curiosity, mishap or misadventure, unusual objects sometimes do get lodged in bodily openings- probably ranks among the most embarrassing things you can think of. After all, exposing the problem means you have to explain how said object got somewhere it wasn't supposed to be in the first place. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Jock itch

It’s a red, itchy rash that pops up where your legs meet your groin, say Winger. The itch is caused by a fungus that grows in damp areas and spreads by contact. The cure: Swap out briefs for boxers, keep things dry, and follow up with over-the-counter anti-fungals. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Body Odour

Smelling nasty isn’t typically a sign of any underlying disease, but it’s embarrassing, surprisingly common—up to 2.8 percent of the population may have the condition and treatable. If you sweat so much that you’re shamed by your pit stains and your deodorant is overwhelmed by the smell, visit your dermatologist. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

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