Behaviours That Get You Dumped

Mar 04, 2014

  • 1

    So You Got Dumped eh?

    If you expect us to say “sorry about your luck,” well, keep that isn’t happening. To be honest with you, luck had nothing to do with it; it’s probably your fault. You might like to think that all women are crazy and they don’t understand you, well it’s time for some tough love. It’s not that you’re the bad guy but self-reinforcing and self-assessing won’t harm. You may realise how your behaviour led her to dump you. Read on. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 2

    You’re Clingy

    Please understand the difference between enthusiasm and clinginess. Girls appreciate your appreciation but recognize the limit and don’t cross it. Don’t just hold on to her for the fear of getting dumped. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 3

    You’re Super Jealous

    Jealousy is normal but picking a fight every time she talks to another man isn’t. You might have trust issues if your girlfriend consistently accuses you of being too jealous. Unreasonable jealousy is enough to drive just about every woman out of your life and into a relationship with someone else. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 4

    You’re not Hygienic

    Find out what happens when you wear the same underwear for days on end and grow toenails out. You will be dumped duh! Grooming and proper hygiene are not only acceptable behaviours for a 21st century man, they are absolutely crucial for the preservation of his relationships with females. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 5

    You’re Irresponsible

    So you love the blame game? You are never at fault? All the fighting is done by your girlfriend for no reason at all? Really? Please look hard in the mirror friend. Grow up and take responsibility for your mistakes. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 6

    You Don’t Have a Spine

    This isn’t to be taken literally. You try to impress and please your girlfriend by being as nice as you possibly can be. You don’t complain, you don’t argue and, god forbid, you ever raise your voice. That’s good. But, with some self-respect on the go will get you more relationship success. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 7

    You Invest Too Much Emotionally

    Do you almost immediately start wondering if she’s the one in a new relationship? This mindset puts too much pressure on your partner, ultimately dooming the relationship even before it steadily starts. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 8

    You Cheap Out

    You don’t need to go broke spoiling her but getting her the week-old flowers because they were “on sale” misses the whole gesture. No woman wants a man who would collect coupons that will buy discounts for her birthday dinner. She doesn’t want your money but long-lasting relationships don’t come for free. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 9

    You’re Stuck with the Oedipus Complex

    Most women like a guy who has a strong relationship with his mother but if you call your mom fifteen times a day to find out what she’s up to or what is she wearing, dude, you’re seriously turning your girlfriend off. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 10

    You’re Totally Smitten... By Yourself

    Do you realise you need to have a “dia-logue” and not a “mono-logue?” Consistently turning the conversation back to you doesn’t work any better any time into the relationship. The lady deserves equal attention in every catch-up. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

  • 11

    You Cheat

    Infidelity is the holy grail of dating no-nos. While some ladies will forgive a first-time offender, many others have a zero-tolerance rule. But one thing's for sure: Once you cheat, that offense will be held over your head. Image Courtesy: Getty Images