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Bad Bedroom Habits to Avoid for Better Sex

Does your bedroom witness everything but sex? More than anything, the bad bedroom habits can ruin the sex life, especially the bedroom romance, between even the best couples. These are the habits one must avoid while in the bedroom in order to save t

Snr By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jun 26, 2014

Bed Habits

According to recent studies, busy work schedules and lifestyle changes can have bad effects on the bedroom behaviour causing poor sleeping habits. All such factors can take a toll on your sex life. However, you can boost your stagnant sex life by avoiding certain bedroom habits. Image Courtesy: Getty

A Mess

A crowded and messy bedroom is enough to constantly distract you and cause stress. The heaps of laundry and pills of paperwork will remind you of all the works that need to be done. This will not affect your moods but will also make you avoid the sex. Take out some time and clean all the mess from your bedroom making it perfect place for enjoying sex. Image Courtesy : Getty Images.

Different Timings

Our job timings happen to regulate our sleeping hours and different companies have different job timings. Night shifts or early morning shifts tend to affect your sex life as well. Therefore, it becomes important to make arrangement that can help you get intimate with your partner at other times so there won’t be a drift between you two. Image Courtesy: Getty


Most of the parents like to share their bed with their kids, which is another factor that could affect your sex life. Sharing your bed your kids makes it impossible for you get intimate or cozy with your partner. Image Courtesy: Getty

The Idiot Box

Watching television instead of spending time talking or cuddling with your partner can be a big distraction to affect your sex life. You’ll be more drawn to watch TV instead of your partner. Therefore, keep your bedroom a television free zone to boost your sex life. Image courtesy: Getty


Keep your work and professional life away from your home, especially the bedroom. Instead of spending mindless hours on your laptop or on phone, spend your time with your partner. You can easily spend some quality time by making your bed a work free zone. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Smoking in Bedroom

Smoking adds toxic substances to your blood streams which may result in the hardening of arteries causing high blood pressure. The high blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction and ruin your sex life. Moreover, smoking in bedroom will also ruin the mood of your partner.Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Stress from work, relationships or financial troubles might be the reason behind your poor sex life. However if you have a habit of letting it overburden you when on bed, it will surely ruin your sex life. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


Do you often find yourself lost in negative thoughts and emotions while on bed that you even forget to ever think about sex? If you are usually sad these days, avoid feeling the same when you are in bedroom with your partner. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

Lack of Communication

Bedroom isn't going to create the perfect mood and environment itself. You and your partner have to do it yourself with communication. Share your feelings and express yourself as much as  you can in bedroom if you want to have a better sex life. Image Courtesy: Getty Images


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