Ayurveda Eyecare: Home Remedies to Improve Eyesight

Jul 24, 2014

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    Ayurveda for Eyesight

    Disruptive vision and eye strain can be very much be taken care of with ayurveda, and that is the truth!According to Ayurveda, your failing eyesight is due to the habitual suppression or the improper evacuation of your bowels, and as well as chronic cold and congestion. Therefore, the Ayurvedic treatment that you will face will focus on these areas. But the most important thing that you must remember is that your eye needs to be taken care of and therefore you need to wash your eyes everyday.
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    A powerful antioxidant which has been derived from French maritime pine tree bark, this has the ability to reduce leakage into the retina by repairing capillaries in you eyes. It is a leading prescription for diabetic retinopathy in France and is a great herb for a better eyesight.

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    This has been used since a very long time in Ayurveda to treat glaucoma. It tends to lower the intrarocular pressure through parasympathetic relaxation of your body. Triphala should be very good for those on the verge of getting glaucoma.

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    A very common kitchen spice which allows the curry to look yellow in colour. This can work wonders for your eye problem, which includes the serious cataracts. In a study the researcher suggested that saffron may be holding the key to preventing the loss of eyesight in the elderly. This definitely sounds very promising!

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    The primary component of milk thistle, Silynmarin is something that is a major support for your liver. Yes, your liver is the key organ for you eye and all the fat soluble vitmains and gluthathione which is stored there and the B vitamins get activated. Your eye then gets subjected to bright light and all those ingredients for repair gets stored in the liver.

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    This herb is high on bioflavonoid which actually speeds up the process of regeneration of rhodospin which is a purple pigment used by your eyes' rods. An interestign fact is that British air force pilots in World War II would eat Bilberry jam so that they could improve their night vision during their evening action!

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    Gingko Biloba

    This has been in use for many centuries for the eye and the central nervous system. This herb is a selective cerebo-vascular dilator which seems to increase the circulation to the back of your eye and also increase the blood flow to the eye. All in all, it is healthy for your eye!

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    Here we have an ayurvedic herb which grows in the rainforest! The herb has been in use for over 100 years now for patients with glaucoma, and it contains pilocarpine which helps with the constriction of your pupils and also reduces the pressure within your eye.

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