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Avoid these mistakes at work to maintain your weight loss progress

Taking action and actually following the path of weight loss is a great achievement. However, once you have decided that you want to lose weight, there are some major hurdles that can jeopardise your efforts. Do not make these mistakes if you want to

Weight Management By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer / Aug 24, 2018

Will you give in or will you not?

If you're trying to lose weight, free office donuts and weekly birthday celebrations with cake and snacks could make you feel annoyed because you'll have to control the temptation that's staring you right in the face. Be determined and ignore the craving or give in to craving and feel like a loser. Even if you win over your cravings, chances are you're making below given mistakes that are stalling your weight loss progress. 

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You skip breakfast to be at work early

Being at work early may provide you a jumpstart on the tasks of the day, but it may turn out to be one of the biggest weight loss mistakes, if you're pulling this stunt by skipping your breakfast. Why so? If you don't fuel up yourself in the morning, you will end up scrounging for calories whenever you can find them. Besides, on days you skip your breakfast, you're more likely to give in to your cravings on those birthday cakes and pastries. If you want to reach office early, get up early so you have enough time to eat a healthy breakfast at home before you step out for work.

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You eat your lunch at your desk

There is no denying that having pizzas or burgers for lunch is not a good idea. But, munching on healthiest foods at desk isn't a great idea either. If you eat at your desk, while your eyes remain glued to the computer screen, there is a good chance you may not pay attention to how much food you're actually scarfing down. So, make sure you eat at a place that's not your desk.

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Rewarding yourself for the wrong reasons

Sure, rewarding yourself with little treats or off days does work, it helps you stay on the path to weight loss and keeps you motivated, but the reason plays a crucial role here. Giving yourself a sweet treat for losing few extra pounds in a month, or following your gym schedule without a miss is okay, but using troubles of your daily life to justify the binge is surely going to mess up with your weight loss efforts.

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Ignoring your diet, as you are working out to burn the calories

Weight loss is complicated, and just burning off the calories will not help as long as you are consuming the same amount. Many people tend to feel that starting a workout regimen will single handedly help them lose weight. Though it will definitely help you to be a healthier version of yourself and help with losing some of that extra weight, for more serious weight loss, focusing on a diet is crucial. The only mantra that works for weight loss is you should consume lesser calories than you burn throughout the day.

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Having a mindset that healthy food necessarily tastes bad

This is a misconception that has been hammered in our heads over the time. When we think of healthy foods we think bland, boiled stuff which makes it all the more difficult to stay on the right course. Healthy meals are as tasty if not more than all the processes unhealthy stuff we come across every day. You just need to find out the right recipe. Changing this mindset might have you looking forward to healthier meals and reduce your craving for junk food.

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