Attention! sweating can do you more harm than good

Jun 19, 2017

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    Side effects of excessive sweating

    While sweating it out in the gym can make your day more satisfying , it can get really irritating and exhausting,  when you’re losing buckets of sweats due to heat. But, in either case, our body’s built-in cooling heat is not all that great for your health as you may think.  The same system can have downside effects while sweating excessively. So, before you step out in the heat, take a look at the side effects of excessive sweating.

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    Sweat can cause skin problems

    According to a report published in the The New York Times, excessive sweating can lead to rashes, acne, irritation and itching. Besides, if the perspiration gets stuck in your sweat ducts, you end up with a rash in your skin. In fact, the heat, perspiration, and friction can cause acne breakouts on your face.  You’re more likely to develop fungal and yeast infections, if you’ve itching and irritation in the groin area due to sweating.

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    It can make your hair dull

    Who likes to have dull and limp sweaty hair? None. But, all thanks to accumulation of oil and dirt on your scalp, your thin tresses look even greasier. Although, you can get rid of it by washing your hair followed by a power blow dry, there is no denying the fact that shampooing your hair frequently and styling can damage your hair. So, if sweat doesn’t damage your hair directly, the counter actions can prove to be quite harmful to your tresses. We’re not asking you to stop washing your hair or living your life normally to avert sweating. Just wash your hair with a mild shampoo and avoid using chemical products or too much heat on your hair.

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    Excessive sweating can lead to dehydration

    An hour of intense workout at the gym may feel awfully satisfying. However, over-sweating can make you feel dehydrated. When you sweat heavily, you lose essential electrolytes and water from your body which may result in headaches, and increase your chances of getting diarrhea and heart diseases. Image source : Getty Images