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7 Ways to Tell you that you are Compassionate

Being compassionate is a virtue that is rarely in practice in today's world. It does much good to you and the people around you. Know if you are a compassionate person.

Mental Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Jul 05, 2014

Reaching Out

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word Compassion as the following, "Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others". In the modern world, the word definitely sounds alien, it is almost an anachronistic idea, because people lack heart, we are an insensitive lot with not an iota of compassion. But, it is a noble thought; it is a virtue that should be practiced in order to be a super human being. At a time when being human means to gain material possession and to succeed, we could do a little kindness by being compassion. It is a super human quality. How compassionate are you?

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You Identify Common Grounds

If you are finding a common ground with another person and feeling for that person then you are practicing compassion. You know how it feels to be in that situation and therefore you would feel and understand a person who has had the same fate. It may seem to be the only natural thing to do, but many people do not identify another person with them. They forget that they have been through the same situation once.

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You aren't Money Minded

Being money minded is a sign of a pathetic human being, and if you aren't so then you are lucky. Money cannot buy happiness and money cannot buy compassion. According to studies, growing up in a social class has been found to be a factor that could reduce your sense of compassion. A higher social class in fact had an effect on a person's ability to interact with other people. So no compassion found here.

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If you are Generous

The hedonistic way of chasing happiness does not really help much, and therefore if you act upon generosity and empathy you will be a more compassion person. A compassionate person is he or she who likes to make others happy by giving, the act of giving is a great way to be compassion. It could solve someone's troubles and you could make that person smile.

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You Preach the Same

People who are compassionate will not keep this special gift to themselves, but instead they will preach and teach the same. If you find yourself lecturing people and teaching them to do the right thing and to be compassionate to feelow human beings then you are doing it right, and you are definitely a compassionate human being. True compassion is then when you give strength, guidance and wisdom to others.

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You have High Emotional Intelligence

A person with a high emotional intelligence is often that person who has a greater sense of morality, and such a person is one who would genuinely be glad in helping other people. It is important to understand what is going on in someone's mind and then to identify your own thoughts and ideas. This will lead you to be more compassion towards others.

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You say Thank you

It is very important to express gratitude, this is one way in which you can express to someone aptly. Individuals who are emphathetic tend to acknowledge acts of kindness done to them, and they express gratitude for them. That is very important and it is a virtue. If just by thinking about gratitude for other people makes you happy then you are a compassionate being.

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You are a Mindful Being

People who are compassionate tend to have their mind working in the moment. If you are mindful, you will not be using your smart phone and listening to someone open his or her heart to you. You will be giving your full attention to that moment and would be of the utmost help. Being mindful is a great way to be compassionate, it is very important to listen to someone.

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