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Are You Committing ”Shoeicide?” Know the Worst Shoe Offenders

If you’re dealing with foot problems, your choice in footwear could very well be the culprit. Avoid committing what some podiatrists call “shoeicide” by throwing the following shoes out from your closet.

Fashion & Beauty By Ariba KhaliqApr 29, 2015

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There is no woman who would have ever said “Shoes aren't my thing”. All of us must be having one very special pair that we absolutely adore, while some might have dozens. The brawl is that your feet may not love those shoes, regardless of the kind- skyscraper stilettos, open-backed clogs, pointy-toed pumps, or just ballet flats with no arch support. Your shoes can cause everything from nerve damage to hammertoe to calluses. If stilettos harm your feet then flat shoes can be treacherous too. Find out how these pretty shoes can be risky to your health.

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Flip-flops are intended for the beach or pool and not for everyday walking. But women wear them as an everyday shoe. They don’t give you any arch support or protect the foot, making it prone to injuries. If you don’t overdo flip-flops, they should be fine but using them running, training, jumping or playing, injuries are bound to happen.

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Spike Heels

The elevated the heel, the more misaligned your foot becomes. Anything elevated more than two inches causes a problem. Wearing a high heel can cause the Achilles tendon to shorten while spike heels also put an abnormal amount of pressure on the ball of the foot. The fat beneath the ball of the foot begins thinning from pressure, and that is one place of your body that requires a nice chunk of fat. You may end up with metatarsalgia, which is an acute pain positioned in the ball of the foot. In case your foot starts hurting, the whole lot above the foot will get affected too. Your gait might get altered, and you will end up stressing your hips, knees and back. 

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Pointy-toed Pumps

Pointy-toed pumps can cause more injuries compared to high heels since these are both pointy and high. So, other than metatarsalgia and hammer toes, pointy-toed shoes can cause neuroma which is an inflammation of the nerve that happens between the toes.  It causes pain with burning sensation and may perhaps need to be treated with injections, physical therapy, or even surgical removal of the neuroma.

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Ballet Flats

Ballet flats in common lack support, cushioning, and don’t let the foot function the way it should. Similar to flip-flops, they carry the same risk of tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and all the other things you see with lack of support.

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Backless Mules

On wearing backless shoes, the toes start grabbing the shoe to get support and many a times women wind up with hammertoes. You also develop calluses or breaks in the skin because the shoe persistently taps the heel.

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