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Aphrodisiacs that will Turn up the Heat Tonight

Aphrodisiacs are those things that increase the libido naturally. Here are some of the best aphrodisiacs to help you turn the heat up tonight.

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Mar 21, 2014

Welcome 'em Aphrodisiacs

If after every morning, noon and night of sensual love making, your man just wouldn't wake up to another kinky session, here is what you need to do:welcome 'em aphrodisiacs into your life. No, you do not have to read an erotic piece of literature to know how each scene folds while you are dirty talking or research on the how tos of playing with sex toys. From soaps to plants, these aphrodisiacs will get the libido kicking in no time.

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Peppermint (Soap or Shampoo)

Women are sure to get the cold spider running down their back at the first whiff of peppermint. And it scientifically said to stimulate the sensual nerves. Those women who tend to reach the climax way too soon, peppermint can work to induce multiple orgasms. Get a natural peppermint soap that is made with pure essential oil. If you want to use it on your partner, look for topical gells or creams that have peppermint extract.

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Fertility Teas

Fertility teas or herbal teas such that those made from rapberry leaf, chasteberry and nettle tend to improve fertility in women, balance the hormones levels and increase libido. Those women who have ovulation issues may also be able to find some relief by consuming these teas. Just take a cup before your partner is expected to return home and unleash your fantasies when they knock at the door.

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In men, cinnamon is said to increase sex drive and in women, it is said to reduce the frequency of urinary tract infections. Sprinkle cinnamon on your food, but make sure that you do not go beyond a teaspoonful of it. Too much of cinnamon can be dangerous for health, especially if it is inhaled or taken dry.

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Rose has been used since ancient times in the preparation of sensual love perfumes. It is an evocaitive herb that has also been used by men and women as ingredients in love potions. The aroma of the flower is said to soothe the nerves and kick anxiety out of the bedroom.

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Viagra or Prescription Drugs

Viagra is not unheard of. Such prescription drugs have the effect on your brain that jum-starting a car has on on your adrenaline. Taking these drugs helps one to increase the testosterone levels in the body, thus spiking the desire to make love. For first timers, the effect of the drug may last too long or may be overtly stimulating.

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The shape of the avocado fruit got it the name "testical tree" by the Aztecs. The fruit was found to be obscenely sexual by Catholic priests who eventually forbade it. Consuming avocados ensures adequate supply of folic acid, potassium and vitamin B6 to the body.

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Pure Chocolate

Pure chocolate is known as the king of natural aphrodisiacsm which contains lots of compounds such as anandamide, PEA, etc that release the feel-good hormone into the body. Besides, PEA has been proven to arouse feelings of attraction, excitement and euphoria.

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Fig has been thought of as a "sexy" fruit that has an arousing effect on the brain of the person eating it. An interesting aspect of this fruit is that when opened, it emulates the female sexual organ. The Greeks considered fig as sacred and linked them with fertility and love.

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Yes, it is stinky and every stinky thing is stronger than anything. And, that is exactly why you should believe in the garlic's properties of being a powerful stimulant of sexual desires. It has a certain ingredient called allicin that increases blood flow.

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This may sound crude, but it is indeed an aphrodisiac. This is because it relaxes the body and make one do things that he/she would not in a sober state. This means you can expect your chances of living your fantasies under the spell of devil's soup.

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