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How to Undo the Angry Young Man Act

The anger that is gripping your life is doing you no good, you are simply ruining your life and creating unwanted troubles. Here are some ways in which you can handle your bouts of anger.

Men's Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Jun 19, 2014

The Angry Young Man

The image of an angry young man is definitely a very exciting one to have, there is no doubt about that. Everyone seems to like that punch of worry on the face, that temper which cannot be controlled. But, how is it helping you? Are you scoring women, are you heading a gang, or are you getting casted for an action film? We are guessing that you are probably brooding all the time by yourself, and probably getting angry about the fact that no one really likes you. Here are some ways in which you can manage your anger.

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Breathing not only keeps you alive and moving, but it also calms you down. You have to take note of your breath going in and coming out from you, and you need to accept things when they come your way. Breathe and enjoy the process at the same time, and you will notice that after about ten breaths you are feeling much better. This will expose your rational side.

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Take your Time

Most often we tend to do some horrible mistakes at the heat of the moment, for example, putting down a resignation letter and abusing the boss. Yes, this can be fatal to your career. Therefore, you have to take your time. If your boss has lashed out against you, then you will need to slow down your reaction time. Once the initial hote headed madness has passed, then you take action. You will come up with a more sensible reproach.

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Take Breaks

Now there is every possibility that much of your anger is the result of what got accumulated over many years. So, not everything makes you mad, because you are in the business of having all things right. So, in order to ignore and avoid stress, you must take breaks. Breaks are not just for children, grown ups need them even more in fact. Therefore, take breaks and let go of your stress.

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Let it Out

You could let out your anger by releasing all your fury on something else. Keep a stash of plates and glasses for this purpose! You could smash a few each time you are going mad. This way you will release all your anger on those harmless, lifeless plates and glasses, and will come back to a civilized life once again.

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Exercise Regularly

Ask people who work out regularly, ask them how they feel after they have worked out. They will tell you that it is like the calm after the storm, yes you heard it right. You feel at peace, you have released all the pressure and anger in the gym and now you are free from all of that. You are more settled and composed.

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Shift Focus

Much like the digital SLR cameras that make any picture into an artful image, shifting focus to something else would make you a better person. Shift focus each time you think that you are on the verge of an outburst. You should think something else that will diminish the feeling of anger and make you feel better.

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Be Happy

Most times we find that anger comes from angst and pain. The only remedy for this to to work on your pain by keeping happy. Start by surrounding yourself with happy people, and then do things that make you happy. Find solutions to your life's problems and reach your goals that would make you a happier person.

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Find Humour

Here is a great way to get over anger. You know if you look closely at any event you will find that there are two faces of it. One is the sad and painful side which leads to your anger, while the other is the humourous side. You need to find humour in life, and this will lighten your mood to a great extent. This will ensure that you see the lighter and brighter side of life.

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Look Within

According to some experts, most anger in men stem from failures that lay within. Therefore, you should look within to look for an answer. A man when he is not able to deal with feelings of insecurity and fear in a positive manner, he will try to let it all out in the most negative way possible, and which is anger.

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