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Amazing Tips to Keep Track of your Calories

Calories are not bad so long as they are taken in a controlled amount. It is very important to have calories according to your age and weight. So, tracking your calories on a daily basis can lead your way to a healthier life.

Weight Management By Vasudha Bhat / Jan 15, 2015

Balance is the Key!

Balance is the key to good health and it is for this very reason that going on a crash diet is as unhealthy as overeating. It is vital for the functioning of your metabolism that you eat regularly. However, if you wish to put a control on your calorie intake you must keep a track of it. When you track your calories, it is not necessary that it be to the point. A little up and down on the scale is acceptable. So, here are a few tips that will help you track your daily calorie consumption.

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Know What you Eat

One of the most effective ways to stay healthy is to know what you eat because everything you eat has calories. There is hardly any eatable that does not carry any calorie. It is just that the proportion of calories can vary largely. So, when you know what you are eating, you will automatically know how many calories you are consuming at a time.

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Maintain a Food Journal

This is a tried and tested method. When you have a food journal it will carry every small detail of what you eat. From a large 4 course meal to a tiny piece of cupcake, the journal will carry all your details. When you take a look at the journal later, you will realize how much you eat and how many different types of foods you have tasted.

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Take Advice from Nutritionist

Consulting a nutritionist will always prove beneficial for you. They will be able to tell you the exact number of calories a particular dish, fruit and vegetable contains. Thus, the exact calorie chart will help you decide your diet better.

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Use Calorie Tracing Apps

Smartphone hold an important place in our lives. So, why not put it to some beneficial use? There is a variety of calorie tracking apps that are available, both for android and iOS users. Not only will they help you keep a track of your calorie intake but will also set your goals and check your progress. An app will not only make the task easy but it will also give you accurate results.

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Eat Homemade Food

Eating home-cooked food lets you track the ingredients that go into a particular dish. You are aware of every item and its calorie content. Eating homemade food will not only keep a track of your calorie intake but it would let you eat a healthy, fresh and clean meal which packaged food or eating joints do not provide.

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Go through Nutrition Chart

All your packed foods and ready-to-eat meals have a nutrition label on them. It is important for you to check this table and stay aware of the ingredients that go inside your body. These labels have the calorie count per serving which makes it easier to calculate your necessary intake.

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Use Websites to Calculate Calorie Intake

There can be food items that may not carry a label with the number of calories they contain. In such cases, you can use websites that tell you how much calorie any food carries. But, make sure that if you have checked calories for a 4-oz fish piece, you must eat only that much.

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