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Amazing things you must do before you turn thirty

About to turn 30 and feels something has been missing from life? You must do these amazing things before you turn 30.

Mind Body By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jun 13, 2014

The 30

Everyone has dreams to fulfill and a to-do list to complete. However one must take care of everything before it's late. Here are the things you must do before you turn 30. You are young and dream of all the things that you want to do before turning 30. Image Courtesy: Getty

Make a Trip to Your Favorite Place

If there is a place you always wanted to visit, its best if you visit their before you do it before you turn 30. You will be able to relate to the place and enjoy the visit however after turning 30 you might not get the chance to actually do it. Image Courtesy: Getty

Get Your Dream Job

If you had to take that not-so-lovable job to pay your bills, you must get your dream job before you turn 30. Work hard and prepare yourself to get the dream job before it's too late. It would be very difficult to switch the line of work after 30. Image Courtesy: Getty

Forgive Someone

If you have an old friend who unfortunately hurt you and you had to stop seeing them. Try to think over it once again and if it's possible, forgive them before you turn 30. You guys may still be able to have some great time together. Image Courtesy: Getty

Learn an Art

If you always wanted to learn photography, it’s time you do it. Same goes with other arts like dance, painting or even martial arts. Once you turn 30 you might not enjoy it as much as now. Just head for the local school and learn your favorite art. Image Courtesy: Getty

Feel Love

If you haven't yet fallen in love, you better experience it soon. Although, love just happens and there isn't much you can do about it, however you can be brave enough to let it flourish if you like someone. Don't be shy anymore as you are already turning 30. Image Courtesy: Getty

Learn an Instrument

Fond of music? You should learn your favorite instrument before you turn 30. Yes, there is no age to learn music but it's always better if you start early. Contact your local music school; your favorite instrument and start the musical journey. Image Courtesy: Getty

Get Healthy

If you have always surrendered to your cravings, it's time you decide to get a healthier lifestyle. Quit smoking and too much of alcohol and switch to a healthy diet. Make sure you get a healthy body before you turn 30. Image Courtesy: Getty

Social Cause

Get yourself involved in a social cause. Take some time out to help people who have few or no resources at all. Before you turn 30, you should start helping people and make it a habit. Nothing feels as satisfying as helping a fellow who may ready to use some help. Image Courtesy: Getty

Start Your Family

Although, there is no set time, however you should start your own family before you turn 30. Having a family, especially a baby will change your life for good. Plan it soon and drop the single tag before you hit 30. Image Courtesy: Getty


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