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Being Normal: How Normal are you in Matters of Sex

Men and women are always wondering about sex, it is basic instinct after all. There are questions the answers to which we all seek from time to time. Here are seven top sex questions answered for you.

Snr By Arka Roy ChowdhuryJul 03, 2014

The Sex Game

Behind closed doors we often whisper to discuss about it, we tend to think back and wonder, we are worried because we do not know for real. Sex is a broad topic, it is really broader than just plain old in and out, what it entails is a range of different things that we are not even very aware of. If you have any any weird questions regarding sex that you are pondering over, then this is the right time to get the answers. Get the right answers to your sex most weird sex questions.

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Sans Protection, Sans Safety

Here is the most common fear. After your drunken night of fun and frolic you suddenly realise that there was no usage of any condom. Now what? What is the deal with sexually transmitted diseases? Sexually transmitted diseases are a real threat and you have all the reasons in the world to worry. Unfortunately, they cannot be detected immediately, and hence you are required to wait for a week or more for signs to show. Use protection, stay safe.

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Waiting for the World to Change?

If you have sworn celebacy until the world becomes a better place, then you are not the only one here. There are numerous people who wait until they are married, or stay away from sexual activities due to religious reasons. You are not weird in anyway to remain a virgin, eventually some day the right one will come along. But if you are really waiting for the world to change, well, then, too bad.

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No Hanky Panky for me Please

We have these little gem of people who are not as interested in sex as others are. Girls not being able to satisfy their guys, guys who are never in the mood for loving. Whole lot of problems! The truth is that women are more emotionally driven than men, so if she is not up for sex then she is not into the guy! If the guy is not up for sex then he must be having pressing issues that are making him mad. A good remedy is to remove stress by doing exercises. ffvvbbgfvdbfdbvd

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No Aaahh, Just Ouch!

According to a study, as many as 60 percent of women have experienced pain during intercourse, and lack of lubrication is the cause in most cases. Vaginal dryness can be experienced by you at any age, and there is no medical reason for this. One good way to steer clear this problem is by making use of lubricants so that you do not experience pain. It is quite normal, so you should not worry too much about it.

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Taped Mouth

There are some who do not like to get involved in the act of oral sex. It is either too weird, too gross or just something they have never tried before. You could be one such person, and it is normal. While some women find it demeaning, others think it si sexy and could be a good way to keep the partner happy!

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No Oragsmic Thunder

Women are very concerned about their orgasms and they are stiff about it, this is why they complain of not having one. The good idea is to let it go, and to be free. There are no rules to getting there, only ways in which you can try hard in order to get there. Understand the the more you worry and stress, the worse it gets, and so do not try so hard, and instead let it be and you will get there.

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Backdoor anyone?

Well, a kind of a taboo, anal sex is still not the very usual thing to do. Therefore, if you are having dreams of some rough backdoor sex, we suggest that you keep it shut, not many people are into it. However, this could also be very normal, so do not sweat about it too much.

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