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Ads that will make you quit smoking instantly

Commercials have been an integral part of our lives and have a great influence when it comes to buying consumer goods. The television commercial industry hence made an effort to influence people and inspire them to make them quit smoking.

Mind Body By Vasudha Bhat / May 29, 2014

An Inspiration

For chain smokers, it is next to impossible to quit smoking. Despite their will to stay away from cigarettes, they fail. So, here is when commercials, which play significant part in our lives, come to rescue. These advertisements motivate people in different creative ways to quit smoking. These ads make the consumers aware of the fatal effects smoking has on their health and inspire them to quit. Let’s have a look at few such ads which have made an effort towards making it a smoke-free world.

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Smoking Kid

Although the message behind the ad is quite obvious but, watching a child ask for a liter to light his cigarette can give jitters to the viewer. The ad shows a group of smokers who is asked for liter by a young kid. On learning that the kid has started smoking at such an early age, the group of adults starts telling him about the disadvantages of smoking. On this the child replies, ‘you worry about me. But why not yourself? Reminding yourself is the most effective warning to help you quit.’

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You don’t Always Die from Tobacco

This is a powerful ad and is shown in form of a song. But, the man shown singing the song speaks from a voice box because he has lost his ability to speak to due to smoking. People smoke in depression in order to end their existence. This ad tells them that you do not always die from smoking you may just lose your lungs and live like that for the rest of your life.

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Smoking Ages you up to 19 Years

It is an intelligent ad which shows a woman taking drags of a cigarette. Watching her take the first two drags, it seems that she is having a relief. But, with the third puff, wrinkles start appearing on her face and the message pops up saying ``Smoking ages you by up to 19 years’’.

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Lungs are Like Sponges

Quite a common ad, it shows a sponge being compared with the lungs. The sponge then demonstrates the amount of cancer causing tar which is accumulated in every smoker’s lungs in a year.

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Never Give up, Giving up

This ad says that the first time you quit smoking, you may not succeed. De-motivated with the failure to quit, you may start smoking again. But, the right way to do it is to keep trying and not giving up because each time you will give up, you will keep getting better at it.

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The Chanting Lighter

This creative ad shows a lighter which starts chanting the Indian death chant every time someone tries to light up a cigarette.

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Smokers Don’t have Much Time Left

In this ad, a person is seen smoking at bus stop lighting up a cigarette. Watching him smoke the person sitting next to him leaves his seat and offers him the space. The voiceover says, ‘studies show that a person loses seven minutes of his life every time he smokes a cigarette. Be nice to smokers. They don’t have much time left.’

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Smoking can Cost you your Skin

Despite the increasing prices of tobacco, the addicts choose to shell out the money over quitting the habit. This ad is a message for such people. A woman is shown walking into a store and asking for a pack for cigarettes. She pays for the pack but the store keeper is not satisfied with just the money and says `this is not enough’. On this the woman peels off her skin and pays with it.

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How to get rid of 60 tonnes of toxic rubbish

The ad shows a boardroom where a group of people is shown discussing over the topic ‘how to get rid of 60 tonnes of toxic rubbish without spending a lot?’ An executive finds a solution and proposes to make the people swallow the rubbish in form of cigarettes. This will clean the rubbish as well as mint money for the company.

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