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Adorable Ways to Say those Three-Magical Words

As the relationship grows old it tends to lose its charm or so people say. The basic fault here is that both the partners stop treating it necessary to confess their love for each other.

Dating By Vasudha BhatAug 21, 2014

Make Time for Love

When your mind is always in the "hurry up" mode, you barely mange to see your partner at home, let alone profess your love for him/her. Traveling from home to office, juggling between personal and professional life, and struggling again to reach home can suck out all your energy. Hence, when you reach home all you want to do is just hit the bed. But, its repercussions on your relationship can be quite nightmarish. Therefore, slicing out time to say those magical words and make your partner feel special becomes vital for the well-being of your relationship. So, here we give you the best ways to show that you care.

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Get them a CD of their Favourite Songs

This act of love is absolutely manageable. When you have spent some time with your partner, their likes and dislikes are on your fingertips. This includes their choice of songs also. So, quickly burn a CD with your partner’s favourite songs and leave it inside his/her car’s music system with an "I Love You" message written on the steering wheel.

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Send a Romantic Voicemail

Almost all of us receive voicemails, some of them work-related and others personal. But, have you ever thought of how it would feel when your partner receives a romantic voicemail from you amidst all the panic-stricken messages? Trust us, it would make his/her day.

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Leave a Message on the Sky

This will surely take your partner to cloud number 9. But, to avoid any blunders make sure you plan to surprise them with this activity on a day the sky is clear. You do want them to be able to see your feeling clearly. If you have the bucks, get a flyer to carry your "I love you" message.

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Go Star Gazing

Now, this idea may demand a little time of yours but, don’t you worry because it is going to be absolutely worth it. Take your partner away from the hustle and bustle of the city to a serene resort. At night, go out to an open area and gaze at the stars quietly. To make this session a little interesting, you can arrange this star gazing time on the upcoming meteor shower night.

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Tree Planting

"Go green’’ is always a good choice but, in this case besides saving the environment it can also re-kindle your relationship. Plant a tree together which will signify the permanence of your relationship. Watch the tree grow and let it denote the maturity of your relationship.

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Arrange a Romantic Photo Session

Even if you think that your relationship is going super fine and you don’t need to look for ways to re-kindle the ember, a couple photo shoot is still a good way to feel happy about your relationship. Hire a photographer and look for a romantic place to get the shoot done in. You are surely going to create memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

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Re-doing the First Date

This will require going down the memory lane and recalling everything that both of you did on your first date, including going to the place you went to, listening to the same music and eating the same food. If visiting the same place is not possible, search for a similar place in your current location and have  a customized meal that is similar to the food that was served on your first date. This will let you re-live those old days.

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Gifting a Piece of Art

Now that you have spent so much time with your partner, you will know what kind of art pleases him/her. Get in touch with an artist and get a customized painting made that you can perhaps gift on his/her birthday, your anniversay or just as an expression of love.

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Give them Flowers

Gifting flowers to a woman seems to be a great idea but, giving a bunch to a male may not seem to please most women. But, the fact is that men secretly are in love with the idea of their partner giving them a bunch of their favourite flowers. So, let the stereotype take a back seat and get a beautiful bunch of flowers made for your partner.

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