Happy Birthday to the ‘Greek God’, here’s how Hrithik gets his chiseled abs

Dec 06, 2015

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    What's your fitness mantra?

    Staying fit is all about taking the right kind of diet and nutrition.

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    What kind of fitness routine do you usually follow?

    Surprising but true, I do not workout daily. I work out for four to five days a week depending on my shooting schedules. I try and give my body as much rest as possible. I either go to a gym in Juhu or I work out at home. I do mostly weight training and cardio once or twice a week. I follow a separate body part regime every day and try and fit out all muscle groups in a given week. In the morning, I do cardio for about an hour. I jog on the treadmill for about half an hour and then concentrate individually on each part of my body... tbc


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    Fitness routine

    I also own two separate sets of exercise equipment, one which is kept at home and the other which I take along when I travel. These are imported pressure pull machines which help me work out during my free moments even when I am on a flight. With the help of a vacuum press, I fix this equipment to a flat surface and pull the handle to exercise the biceps. I follow the same process for my legs. This special mechanism is an essential part of my entourage, along with dumb bells.


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    What does fitness mean to you and why is it important?

    Workout is a part of my daily life. It disciplines me and makes me mentally and physically strong. It also helps bring down the stress.

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    What part of your workout routine do you love the most?

    I love training my arms.


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    What part of the routine do you hate?

    I do not hate anything, but training the legs is a bit strenuous.


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    A fitness tip for your fans

    Exercising is essential, and so is a proper diet and nutrition. Do not go overboard with your workout. Give your body ample rest and follow a proper diet. Also drink plenty of water.


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    How do you supplement your diet with your workout?

    I take Myoplex twice a day. It takes care of my daily carbs and proteins. Plus I always have protein bars in my house, so I keep munching on them when I’m hungry in between meals. It’s better than eating junk and chips. I have a protein chocolate milkshake that is recommended by my instructor. I avoid oily and fried food. I have a heavy breakfast because I feel that's the most important meal of the day. I eat very little oil, butter, ghee and fatty stuff. I balance my meals out - protein and carbohydrates and fats. I also drink lots of water and stay away from alcohol and cigarettes.


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