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A Man's Guide to Social Media Etiquettes

Social media is the new place for men and women to come together. Here is a guide for men to understand social media etiquette.

Mental Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Sep 03, 2014

Social Media and Etiquettes

It is the duty of every young man to behave in a gentlemanly fashion. Whether you are a cowboy from Texas, an English bred lad, or a desi hero; it is very important to know your etiquettes and manners. In the current times when we are glued to social media, a man should be able to understand the world around him and behave in the manner which is required of him. Understanding social media etiquettes would pave a new way for him to become the gentleman of the modern world. What the rest of the world is doing is following the herd, what you need to do is to stand out, and become the gentleman you are required to be. By the way, you need to start getting your etiquettes right but putting an end to ice bucket challenge videos; thank you.
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Exhibition 101

No exhibition please, no one is interested in your blatant show of secrecy. You see the world is very much caught up with a lot of events, the last thing anyone requires if some random, gross scoop from your private life. Do not go about showing everyone your girlfriends, your abs, or your new collection of suit. The day you put on your new suit just to click a picture and post it online, you become the most pathetic man to have ever lived.
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Taking a Dig at Ex

While we really sympathise with the heart break you have suffered, spare the dirty talking on social media. You do not have to beat her up online by letting out her secrets or taking a dig on her each time. While her heart may be as cold as your chilled glass of beer, you ought to have respect for this person, at least for the sake of the “I love you” that you told her once.
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Challenging your Sworn Enemy

You could be in the cast of the next ‘Expendables’, but that does not mean you can put up an angry status about someone. You see the social media is not your drawing room where you can start a heated fight; a gentleman never does go crazy over the social media. He does not like to malign another person so openly for hundreds of people to see. It raises a lot of questions and confusion.
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Ignoring the Post

This is typical to Facebook.com. When someone posts something on your wall, be well mannered and reply to it, even if you do not like that person. It is as good as not talking to someone who has paid you a visit home. Your etiquettes matter at the end of the day, and you will be known for it, therefore, be a nice man and reply to all posts on your wall. Remember, everyone is watching you.
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Liking Own Posts

Well, this one is lamer than bad manners, liking your own posts is definitely not an option. When you like your own posts, you create curiosity in the minds of others; they begin to wonder whether you are completely retarded or a narcissist. Well, both of these can be pretty dangerous to your reputation.
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Crashing Someone Else’s Party

While you may be secretly stalking some person for a long time, by crashing his or her party you are simply being a jerk, not at all good manners. By this we mean, suddenly counter arguing to his or her view, when you have actually met that person only once in your life, and may be your are not even friends! Stop the party crashing, and save your nose.
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Spamming everyone’s Wall

When you click a selfie of every step that you are taking and post it online, it is called spamming. Therefore, stop this. This is not good manners, and is completely lack of etiquettes. Every morning when your friends go online they do not like seeing your smiling face, no, your smile does not help, and it is not a beautiful thing. So stop posting pictures every one hour.
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