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A Pinch of Salt for a Tasteful Love

Here is a guide for all those wasted lovers who have fought the fight to keep their love burning. Know what it takes for you to boost your love.

Dating By Arka Roy Chowdhury / May 31, 2014

Secrets of Love

Love is what makes the world go round, and if you are in a love filled relationship then there are chances for it to get stale. Well, it is not your doing, nor is it your lover's, but it is just the way things are. Love seems to come in like a storm and turn your world upside down. Then later the storm passes you by and leaves you wondering, leaves your tired and ragged, love can push you down and get bored with your nuances. How can you give a boost to love?

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The Small Gestures

It does not matter how many times you tell your lover the magic words, "I love you" are simply words, they do not mean much. The only thing that matters is what you are doing to show your love, and you will win your lover's confidence and trust by doing things to show your love. They do not neccessarily have to be big, grand things, they are as simple as calling to check in. That is it, that is love.

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Be Sweet

No on forced you into this union of hearts, and if you really consider this person to be your lover then you should show it. Sweetness is the essence of a relationship, and showing tenderness to your lover is the right thing to do because he or she deserves it. Open up the sweetness in you and show it to your lover, and he or she will know that you mean to love him or her dearly.

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Say Yes

Too many "No-s" could be harmful, and therefore you have to gain your partner's love by showing your support. If it is not too irrational an idea then you should say yes by all means. Remember if that is what would make him or her happy, then you should be happy to say yes. It will make your better half very happy.

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Be Responsible

There is something very dashing about a responsible person, a person who is responsible is a person who can be trusted. Therefore you should take on responsibilities on behalf of your partner and work on them so that your partner can have it easy. Take on responsibilities that will ease any pressure on him or her. There is no replacement for being a responsible person.

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Expression of Love

Have your say by writing to your beloved, tell your lover all that you feel and all that you want to feel. There is nothing better than a written letter, a letter that will express your deepest love to your lover. Even if you are not good with words just make an effort to express it, and you will find out that he or she is smitten.

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Show Respect

This means that even in the worst of times you cannot let lose the beast inside of you. You need to show courage by letting your fears go and keeping your composure. You need to show respect to your lover because he or she deserves it, a relationship calls for the utmost respect for each other. Learn to develop a deep respect for each other.

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Go on Dates

Romance is a very broad concept, and it could be anything as long as the two people want it. Therefore, remember that your romance does not end just because you are a coupel now, even after your marriage romance is something that needs to be kept alive. You have to do everything you can for this, and going on dates regularly is just plain beautiful. Sunlit afternoon and the two of you at a road side cafe sipping coffee and talking gibberish, or simply watching each other smile.

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Give Space

This is important in every relationship, every individual requires his or her own space, and just because you are a couple this does not mean that you have to be stuck up with each other the entire time. So, do each other some favour by giving yourselves some free time. This is also one way in which the two of you would be very excited to see each other after a gap of time, and you will have a great time.

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