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9 Ways Acupressure can Keep you Healthy

Feeling tired or fed up of the discomforting ache in your back? Acupressure can be your one stop remedy for several such problems. Understand how acupressure can help you stay healthy.

Home Remedies By Meenakshi ChaudharyFeb 26, 2015


This ancient form of medicine is practised widely all over the world to promote relaxation and wellness and to treat diseases. Acupressure practitioners use their fingers, palms, elbows to apply pressure to acupoints (as they call them) on the body’s meridians.  It may also involve stretching or acupressure massage. Here is a list of benefits that you can get from acupressure. Image Courtesy: Getty

Helps Body to Function Optimally

Acupressure involves light pressure on certain areas or points on the body corresponding to various organs and muscles. Scientists believe that the entire body is made up of vital energy called chi or qui which flows through the body along the invisible lines also known as meridians. When these meridians get blocked, the body develops a disease. This is where the role of acupressure becomes crucial as it not only unblocks these meridians but also helps the body to function optimally. Image Courtesy: Getty

Heals Faster

Acupressure is known to be very effective in releasing the muscular tension, promotes blood circulation and enhances the body’s life force energy to aid the healing process. Use of acupressure can help you heal faster from an illness. Image Courtesy: Getty

Relieves Pain

Another import aspect of acupressure is that it provides a great way to relieve pain. When pressure is applied to the point corresponding to the area this is aching, the body responds by releasing the blockages in that area thereby providing relief from pain. Another reason why it is so effective in relieving the pain is that it increases blood circulation in that area. Image Courtesy: Getty

Handles Stress

The practice of acupressure stimulates different pressure points in the body, helping your mind function better.  If you go by the beliefs of Chinese Medicine, your body becomes more efficient in handling stress when all your meridians are unblocked. Image Courtesy: getty


Betters Sex Life

Acupressure texts suggest that an imbalance of “qi” energy within the organ system results in a lagging libido. Another important thing about this energy is that it maintains your kidney and heart health. Acupressure helps maintain the proper functioning of our systems thereby helping your sex life as well. Image Courtesy: getty

Beats Signs of Ageing

Cosmetic acupressure is a process that helps tone the muscles of the face by stimulating blood flow and producing collagen. Cosmetic acupressure can help you tone your face and can beat the signs of ageing. Image Courtesy: getty


Relieves Tension

Acupressure helps in relieving tension from the muscles by stimulating the actions of the nerves. It helps you bring down the stress levels making you feel relaxed. Image Courtesy: getty

Promotes Blood Circulation

When acupressure is applied properly it  promotes the circulation of blood. When you apply pressure to certain points it activates and opens up the flow of blood in the blood vessels present below your skin. The increased blood flow helps almost all organs in the body in regenerating and performing functions optimally. Image Courtesy: getty

Works as Remedy

For centuries acupressure has been used as the best remedy for common ailments like headache, sinusitis and cold. The practice of acupressure helps relieve the pain and can treat headaches, reducing your dependence on over-the-counter medicines. Image Courtesy: getty

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