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9 Reasons Why Men Cheat

It is a common fact that men cheat or tend to cheat more as compared with their female partners. So, what makes an otherwise committed man cheat on his loving partner? Understand the common reasons of male infidelity.

Snr By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jan 27, 2015

Why do they... Cheat?

Why do men cheat? Well, there are plenty of reasons why men cheat their partners. Sometimes, it's just out of ignorance while the other times they cheat because they feel they will never be caught. Dealing with a cheating husband or boyfriend is not an easy task. No matter what you do men who cheat will cheat for different reasons. Here are some common reasons. Image Courtesy: Getty

You Let Him Get Away With It The First Time

If he has cheated on you before and you did not take a firm stand, it will allow him to cheat on you again. The first time it happens, make it very clear to him that you won’t ever tolerate such kind of thing in your relationship and there won't be a next time to such huge mistake. If your guy happens to be a good guy, he may still end up cheating on you despite his best intentions. He may have the charm that attracts women towards him and he does not know how to say no to them and he ends up cheating on the love of his life. No matter what, it's a serious mistake. Image Courtesy: Getty

It could be his 'Ego'

Some unsuccessful men who have low self esteem think infidelity will boost their ego while others who are involved in long term relationships tend to feel less attractive to the opposite sex so when a woman pays attention to such man, it sparkles his ego and he tries to win that woman to boost it.  In some cases, men cheat on their partners out of peer pressure. Men who spend a lot of time with people who cheat on their partners and brag out it succumb to the pressure of being the part of such crowd. Image Courtesy: Getty

To end the relationship

Sometimes a man, who wants to end up his relationship or marriage, will use an affair as an easy way out or for getting a divorce. Instead of acting like a man and telling you straight that things are not working for you two, he prefers the cowardly way of cheating on you, hoping that you will leave him soon after knowing about his affair.  On the other hand many men consider it as a status symbol to be able to afford a fancy woman. It could be a way of proving their ability of having more of everything. Image Courtesy: Getty

To Satisfy His Sexual Orientation

Some gay or bisexual men cheat on their boyfriends by having affair with other men. While some men, who got married early in their lives or did not have much sex experience before settling down, may cheat on their partners to see what they might have missed. At times it may not even be intentional. The curiosity of trying the forbidden may let them cheat on their partner. Image Courtesy: Getty

Because He Knows He Can Get Away With It

Men who have cheated once and did not get caught, tend to cheat again. Since a man was not caught while cheating first time, he feels more confident about cheating thinking he won’t get caught the next time either. Men who think their partner are too naive, busy or too much in love with them, may also cheat on their partner. Your unconditional trust in him can also let him try infidelity. Image Courtesy: Getty

It Gives Them Sense Of Entitlement and Manhood

Many men who are very affluent, famous, charming think they are qualified to cheat because of their status while others do it to prove their manhood. Some men think cheating on their wives is a macho stuff and if they don't get along with more than just their partner they are not being man enough. Such men like to believe the more women they have sex with, the more it will add to their manhood. Image Courtesy: Getty


Sex Addiction

Well this is only reason which could be excused a little since true sex addiction is a medical condition in which men can’t really help themselves. Men who are addicted to sex should seek professional help. Although the condition is not so commonly found, however men who cheat also use it as a copout excuse when caught. Other than this, men can also cheat to get back at their wives or girlfriends who cheated on them in past. Image Courtesy: Getty


Under The Influence Of Drugs or Alcohol

A great deal of infidelity occurs under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Consumption of drugs and alcohol can lower man’s inhibitions; impair his sense of judgment resulting in actions which he may even regret later. Some men cheat on their partner to fulfil their sexual fantasies. Some men want to have kinky sex, or sex acts their wives or girlfriends won’t perform for them. Hence in order to participate in such sex acts men end up cheating. Image Courtesy: Getty



To see if he’s still “got it"

Men who are in their 50’s and older sometimes cheat on their partner just to reaffirm about their sexuality. They cheat to prove they can still attract and win another woman. Most of the times they cheat on the younger women than their partners to prove that they still have that charm. While some men cheat under the influence of poor role models. They may subconsciously follow what their role models have done in life. If their role models had cheated, they take infidelity quite casually. Image Courtesy: Getty


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