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7 Nail problems you should look out for

For a view of your internal organs, take a good look at your nails and toes. Diseases affect the shape of your fingernails and toes before causing other symptoms. Look at these 9 nail problems.

Mind Body By Ariba KhaliqMay 20, 2015

A Peek into Your Health Through Your Fingertips

A dermatologist screening will require you to remove your nail polish, if you’re wearing any. If you end up in a surgery, this will happen there too. But why does the polish have to bear all that hate? Apparently, your nails can reveal serious concerns about your health. Look for these revealing signs.
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Darkened Nails

Dark nails could mean a few things:natural or genetic pigment change, like a freckle. But a dark streak along the nail from cuticle to tip could mean a melanoma. It is a serious problem if the dark streak is only one, or is changing fast. Melanoma is a form of skin cancer and can be potentially deadly. Some nail fungus infections can also be dark gray or green.
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Blue-ish Nails

Not those winter blue-nails, but we mean blue-ish nail beds. They indicate that your fingertips aren’t receiving enough oxygenated blood. This could be because the blood circulation in your hands is bad or your lungs aren’t properly oxygenating the blood in your whole body. A lung or a heart disease could be the underlying problem.
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Whitened Nails

White nails could indicate a lot of things about your health, but the gravest thing is liver disease. You have to bring white nails to your doctor if you notice them. Just don’t ignore.
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Thinning Nails

Thin, peeling, or spoon-shaped nails (ones that are curved in a concave instead of convex way) are associated with iron-deficiency anaemia.
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Brittle Nails

Nails that are hard but break easily are a sign of dryness or possibly hypothyroidism. This is especially true if you also experience hair going thin and becoming unusually dry.
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Longitudinal (Vertical) Ridges

As you age, you might develop vertical ridges because the nail matrix dries out. Nail matrix is the root of the nail under the cuticle. You could prevent this by keeping extra-heavy moisturizing emollients and ointments on the cuticles and nails.
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Horizontal Ridges

A deep horizontal ridge with normal nail on either side usually means there was some specific trauma, stress, illness or other metabolic disruption for a defined period before the nail went back to normal growth patterns.
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