9 Interesting Facts about Your Finger

Apr 14, 2014

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    The Unusual and Peculiar Facts about Fingers

    Have you ever tried to know something about our fingers? No? Let us now list out some interesting facts about fingers. A usual human being has 5 fingers each on both hands. The initial digit is the thumb, after that, it is index, the third is center, the fourth is ring and the fifth is the tiny or pinky. Image Courtesy: Getty images.

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    Man with the Largest Hand

    The man with the largest hand in the world is Lui Hua of China. His left thumb measures 10.2 inches in length and his index finger is almost 12 inches long. The man suffers from a rare condition called “Macrodactyly”. He was operated and 11 pounds of flesh and bone were removed. Image Courtesy: Getty images.

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    People with Most Number of Fingers

    Two persons hold the record of having the most number of fingers in the world they are Pranamya Menaria and Devendra Harne both of India. Menaria and Harne, who were born in 2005 and 1995, respectively, both has 25 in total – 12 fingers and 13 toes. Image Courtesy: Getty images.

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    Finger Sensitivity

    You may not know but the fingertips possess the highest concentration of touch receptors and thermoreceptors compared to all areas of the human skin. Fingertips are extremely sensitive to temperature, texture, moisture, pressure and vibration. Image Courtesy: Getty images.

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    Finger Muscle

    The only muscle that can be found on the finger is the “arrector pili muscle”. These muscles make the finger joints move are located on the palm and forearm. Image Courtesy: Getty images.

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    Weakest Finger

    The ring finger is the most fragile finger for the reason that it contributes to a flexor muscle with the centre and pinky. In males, the index finger has a tendency to be shorter than the ring finger whereas in females, the index finger is of the similar size or somewhat longer than the ring finger. Image Courtesy: Getty images.

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    Unique Fingerprint

    As state, every human being has a exclusive fingerprint but it is probable that two persons or twins can have indistinguishable fingerprint. The unusual case happens 1 out of 100 million. Image Courtesy: Getty images.

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    After Death, Fingernails Stops Growing

    The idea that human hair and fingernails carry on growing after death-is completely fake. Lifeless bodies driy out and shrink- giving a look that hair and fingernails are still growing. Image Courtesy: Getty images.

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    Fastest and Slowest Growing Fingersnails

    The fastest growing finger nails are the ones which are on the longest fingers and the slowest rising nails are on the shortest fingers. In accumulation, the centre finger has the longest growing nail. Interestingly, every finger and toenail takes six months to rise from bottom to tilt. Image Courtesy: Getty images.

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    Longer Fingers are Lucky

    A study in the City of London has also shown that male traders with the longest ring fingers earned up to six times as much as their colleagues. Also, according to investigate carry out by specialist, they had establish that the most winning men have extended ring fingers. In count, the finger-length proportion was increased by high levels of testosterone in the womb through a critical phase of development. Dealers with extended ring fingers contrast to others made up to 11 times their income. Image Courtesy: Getty images.