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9 Healthy habits that truly pay off

Adopting, developing and maintaining healthy habits can result in big payoffs. Take a look at the small habits that make big differences in your quality of life.

Mind Body By Himanshu Sharma / Aug 13, 2014

Healthy Habits

How well you live is determined by the lifestyle choices you make and your habits. Even small habits can make a big difference in your quality of life.  (Image source:Gettyimages)

Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is arguably the most overlooked aspect of health and wellness. If one doesn’t get 8 hours of sleep, the body gets exposed to the stress hormone ‘cortisol’. The hormone stimulates cravings for junk food, breaks down muscle tissue and stimulates belly-fat storage. Try to establish a bedtime routine; try to sleep 2 hours before midnight. (Image source:Gettyimages)

Eating Consciously

Most people are unaware of what and how much they're truly eating. A bite here and a snack there adds to many calories. Eating consciously, done through food journaling,  can make us more aware of what we're eating, when we're eating it and why. (Image source:Gettyimages)

Lemonade in the Morning

Rather than a cup of tea, gulp down a glass of lemon water. Lemonade is great for hydration, and contains vitamin C that detoxifies, repairs and heals the body. Just a glass of lemon juice will do. (Image source:Gettyimages)

Outdoor Walks

Just as much as we need healthy food, we also need fresh air and sunlight to keep our body healthy. Being exposed to fresh air helps our body to work better, improves immune system and stimulates the fat burning process. Just step out when you can to give your body the fresh air it needs. (Image source:Gettyimages)


Stretching is a forgotten activity just because it does not show results the way lifting weights and other fitness activities do. Stretching can help you a great deal as it increases your blood flow and circulation; it improves posture. (Image source:Gettyimages)


Meditation offers innumerable benefits for your body and mind. Practicing meditation takes off stress to improve your overall outlook on life. Moreover, meditation is an answer to high blood pressure, low attention span and insomnia. (Image source:Gettyimages)


Sprints can make your heart feel like it's going to explode; it also has exploding health benefits. The high-intensity activity improves endurance and overall fitness level much more than longer steady-state exercises. Sprint and reap the same benefits in a much shorter amount of time. (Image source:Gettyimages)


According to a book called The Longevity Project, prudence, persistance and organisation are key aspects to living a long life. Those who are more inclined to follow doctors’ advice, take the right medicines at the right doses and undergo routine checkups are healthier. (Image source:Gettyimages)

Social Connection

We do not recognise the importance of social connections but the studies have found that those with social connections feel more relaxed and at peace. Having regular social contacts with people is one thing that keeps you away from depression. (Image source:Gettyimages)


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