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9 Foods to Avoid With an Overactive Thyroid

Diet modification is the key aspect of hyperthyroidism management. Those with an overactive thyroid should avoid certain foods that are bad for thyroid health and to prevent complications.

Thyroid By Himanshu Sharma / Mar 14, 2015

Diet for Hyperthyroidism

Thyroid conditions should be cared for or else there may be a host of complications. Diet modification is the key aspect of hyperthyroidism management. Those with a overactive thyroid should avoid foods that are bad for thyroid health and prevent complications.


Salty Food

Excessive iodine in diet is the most common reason behind thyroid conditions. It is advised to avoid salty foods and also watch out for your salt consumption. Avoid as much iodine as you can.


Whole Milk

Consumption of whole milk is not a good food choice for hyperthyroidism patients. You should try to avoid it altogether and go for skimmed milk which doesn’t interfere with thyroid function and is easy to digest.



Soy may have many health benefits, but it also contains certain flavanoids which are not healthy for thyroid health and functioning. Soy flavanoids can add to the malfunctioning of thyroid gland.



Those with an overactive thyroid should avoid rice because it is high in sodium as well as carbohydrates. Rice and rice products can increase weight drastically, which can further cause more complications for thyroid patients.


Fried Food

Fried foods or recipes with oil on the higher side can increase one’s weight and cholesterol. Both can be quite dangerous for thyroid patients. Therefore, you must avoid eating oily foods as much as possible.


Cruciferous Vegetables

Incorporating cruciferous veggies in diet can improve health for almost everyone, but not for those with thyroid problems. Avoid broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage as these contain sulfur which is responsible for triggering thyroid malfunction.



Alcohol can interfere with mood balance, sleep, thyroid function and thyroid medications. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and say no to alcoholic drinks to ensure that the thyroid galand functions right.



Thyroid patients are warned against the consumption of caffeinated products and they should seek approval from the doctor for the same. Herbal teas, fresh fruit juices and vegetable-based soups are some better options.


Added Sugars

High fructose corn syrup, soft drinks, pancakes, cookies, cakes, pastries and candies can cause blood sugar levels to spike. Avoiding these can prevent heart palpitations, a common complication of hyperthyroidism.



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