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8 Worst Things You May do When you're Wasted

When wasted, most of us resort to the something we shouldn’t be doing: binge drinking, betting and other risky behaviours.

Men's Health By Himanshu Sharma / May 22, 2014

When you’re wasted

What do we do when you’re wasted? Most of us resort to the something we shouldn’t be doing: binge drinking, gambling, socialising with strangers and other risky behaviours. (Image source:Getty)

Call for two more shots

A couple of shots sound like a brilliant idea when you’re wasted. It doesn’t stop at two shots, you order two more and it doesn’t stop there. You run the risk of raising your blood alcohol content too high besides the chance of a blackout or overdose. (Image source:Getty)

Say ‘No, I’m not drunk’

People really enjoy the feeling of being drunk, but never admit they are. When they’re asked if they are okay, the reply will be, ‘yes, totally fine. I just need a minute.’ In less than a minute, you’ll see them with their head down on the bar and snoring. (Image source:Getty)

A big meal

After downing barrels of booze, nothing seems better than a big meal. When you eat a big meal, there is a need of bigger digestive activity. The organs need to work harder. The entire mechanism gets disturbed. (Image source:Getty)

Pop a sleeping pill

When you’re already drunk, it isn’t the time to escalate your health risks. It’s time to slow down and get some rest. You pop one of these sleeping pills and further raise the risk of damaging your organs. (Image source:Getty)

Revealing your secrets

The chances of having a heart-to-heart dialogue increase when you’re drunk. The situation makes harder for one to keep feelings to themselves. In the moment of lack of impulse control, you may say something that you don’t truly mean. (Image source:Getty)

Making outrageous commitments

In the drunken state, you sit next to your friend and swear on your life for anything without knowing anything about it. ‘You can count on that, take my word on that’ are the likely things to come out of your mouth. (Image source:Getty)

Bet & Gamble

When you are wasted, you lose your judgment and impulse control. This makes you more likely to bet and gamble. If you’re not a millionaire, do your betting while sober. (Image source:Getty)

Argue your point

You may not have facts to back your claims, but you will keep arguing your point to the death. You will do anything to persuade others what you believe is right. (Image source:Getty)


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