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8 Weird Reasons you get Tipsy so Quickly

Do you feel intoxicated after a single glass of beer? There can be many reasons as to why you are more sensitive to alcohol than other people. Here are some things that might be making you more tipsy and faster.

Mind Body By Himanshu SharmaFeb 02, 2015

Surprising Reasons you are more sensitive to Alcohol

Do you feel intoxicated after just a pint or two of beer? Or have you realized that your alcohol tolerance has gone for a toss lately? There can be many reasons as to why you are more sensitive to alcohol than most people. Here are some things that might be causing you to get tipsy more quickly.

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You are in the Mood to have a ‘Good Time’

If you are looking to have a good time and a fun night out with friends, the chances are that you may get drunk very easily. In a study, people started to act drunk when they were told there was alcohol in their glass even when there wasn't any. It all depends on the mood.

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For the Love of Good Taste

You like to make your own alcohol recipes to please your taste buds. Flavours itself can affect behaviour! When you like a drink, a small taste of it can activate your brain and up the desire to drink more.

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You just Love those Shots

Someone who drinks more over time will look less impaired as compared to someone who drinks less frequently but in short span. Time interval makes a big difference; the shots make you more drunk faster than if you were drinking the same volume of alcohol at a slow pace.

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You Love Cocktails

If you don’t have one favourite drink, you are more likely to get tipsy than your friends. Mixing drink with diet soda, or trying out cocktails can cause blood alcohol level to spike. According to a study published in the journal Alcoholism found that after drinking cocktails, people performed statistically worse on computer tests compared to when they had sipped the regular version.

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You Eat Low-fat or Fat-free Foods

We all know drinking on an empty stomach makes intoxiacation faster. Drinking while eating low-fat or fat-free foods in comparison to high fat foods can make you tipsy. Foods with more fat take more time to leave the stomach and slow the rate at which your body absorbs the alcohol.

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You don’t have a Gym Membership

If you aren’t pumping iron or not that involved in fitness on a regular basis, it could make a difference to how quickly you absorb alcohol. Your size would affect how quickly you absorb alcohol. A 65 kg person with more lean muscle mass (less fat) will be less affected by the same volume of alcohol that a 65 kg person with more body fat drinks.

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The Older you get, the more easily you become Drunk

Alcohol amounts may not touch you now, but the same will make you intoxicated 10 years down the line. The body experiences a number of physical changes as you age. There seems to be a considerable decrease in the metabolism of alcohol in your digestive tract, and thus a decrease in body water.

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It is Hereditary

Alcohol dependence runs in families. But, can tolerance for alcohol be inherited too? Yes, say researchers at the University of North Carolina. According to them, a gene known as CYP2E1 determines how well a person can hold his or her liquor. So, you perhaps have the ‘tipsy gene’ that is making you drunk in just a glass of a drink.

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