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8 Ways You're Wasting Your Emotional Energy

Your emotional energy is your key to a happy life. It helps you feel your happiness as your life moves on. However, you might be wasting the emotional energy without even realizing it.

Mental Health By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Sep 04, 2014

Emotional Energy

Emotional energy is the emotional part of your life energy that gives you the heartfelt happiness and hopeful spirit. Emotional energy makes you feel happy, positive, resilient, joyful, open and creative. However, it’s quite possible that you might be wasting your emotional energy through the following 8 ways. Image Courtesy: Getty

Being Non-confrontational

It is fine to let negative thing go, but it leaves you unhappy and on the losing end never accept thing without any confrontation. Say everything you want to say, and ask everything you want to hear and know. Keeping emotions stuffed inside will only waste your emotional energy. Image Courtesy: Getty


Ignoring the Gut

Your heart and gut always tell you things that you should listen to. Following your gut will keep you happy and satisfied while ignoring it may leave you unsure about your decision. Regretting about not listening to your own gut will only make things worse for you and you will be wasting your emotional energy. Image Courtesy: Getty

Not taking Action

Take actions as and when needed. If you avoid something just because you find it out of your comfort zone, it may leave you with negative feelings like regret and failure. If you know something has to be done then you must do it right away, else you will be wasting your emotional energy on negativity. Image Courtesy: Getty

Unwanted Socializing

No one can seem to be better than one's friends. If you spend time with people that you don’t like just to avoid loneliness, you may end up being even more sad and lonely. Spend time only with people you like and save your emotional energy. Image Courtesy: Getty


Unresolved Problems

We all have our own share of problems but we must face them and try to solve them. If you try to avoid it, you will spend even more time worrying about it. You will be wasting your emotional energy all the while. Manage your problems nicely and never hold any grudges. Image Courtesy: Getty



Being confused about what you need and what you want may leave you dealing with a lot of negative thoughts. You need to focus and try to be happy and successful in life. Resolve the confusions and focus yourself on things you want. Image Courtesy: Getty


Living without the Code

You don’t have to have a real code to be happy but you also can not live without any rule or regulation to live by. You need to set your boundaries for yourself and for others. Don’t let people hurt or offend you, instead tell them what you have in your mind. Image Courtesy: Getty


Move On

If you are still living in the past and thinking about what could have happened, you are wasting your emotional energy over nothing. Accept what has happened and make a positive fresh start. Image Courtesy: Getty


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