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8 Ways to recharge your immune system

Your immune system has to be always under the shade of invaders to keep your body safe. Won't you give a little of your energy up for this gentle crusader?

Mind Body By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Apr 21, 2015

Making Immune System Stronger like Never Before

Your body uses up a highly resourceful system of your body to protect it from invaders and this system lives and sustains in the guise of “immune system”. The role of your immune system is to act as a kind of military organization that strives to protect you against toxins, allergens and even incompletely undigested food. So, to rev up this system, you need take these 8 tips seriously.

Save Antibiotics for when they are really Needed

A lot of us are in the habit of taking antibiotics even when it is not required. For instance, taking antibiotics when you have a severe sinus problem is most times not even required. Neither is it required when one suffers from viral infections.

Make Immune-supportive Herbs a part of your Diet

If you develop recurrent infections, take immune supportive herbs that have a history of being useful for boosting the immune system.

Take Probiotics

Unbalanced gut bacteria can halt the proper functioning of the body’s immune system. If you have an unbalanced level of the gut bacteria, speak to your doctor about it and he may recommend dose of antibiotic for you to treat your problem.

Get enough Sleep

Poor sleep is said to deprive the immune system of its strength. In the last 130 years, average night’s sleep has fallen from 9 hours to 6 ¾ hours, which has further weakened the immune system. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep every day is quintessential to a healthy and running immune system.

Cut back on Sugar

The amount of sugar there is in a can of soda can suppress immune system by about 30 percent for at least three hours. Moreover, candida thrives on sugar, causing you to suffer from infections. So, if you wish to improve your immunity, cut back on your intake of sweet foods. Limit the intake of four basic and commonly available types of foods: fast food, sodas, processed foods and fruit juices and drinks.

Get lots of Sunshine

Vitamin D that gets delivered through sunshine helps to maintain a healthy immune system. It is, in fact, the oft-heard advice to avoid sunshine that has lead people to have a weakened immune system. So, go for a walk every day in local park and your immune system will be glad you did.


Take enough Zinc

Richness in zinc helps in keeping the immune system healthy. Unfortunately, this trace mineral falls victim to food processing during which it gets overthrown. Additionally, chronic infections as well as inflammations make the body to lose its zinc reserves, thus setting up a vicious cycle of low zinc. One of the best ways to replenish zinc loss or to prevent its loss, increase your intake of zinc-rich foods by adding a variety of fruits and vegetables in your body. Multivitamins may also prove to be fruitful, but make sure you take them in the recommended dosage.

Take Plant-based Enzymes

Enzymes that are required for food to ripen are required by the body to digest food. The food manufactures have, however, realised that removing these enzymes helps in prolonging shelf life. This widespread practice of dramatically increasing shelf life by removing enzymes is dangerous for our health because a lot of protein in the food tends to get only partially digested, which further makes the protein particles to enter bloodstream where they tend to be mistakenly identified as invaders. So, try and make your own produce in your backyard if that is possible. You may also avoid eating foods that come in cans.


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