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Get, Set, Go: It's time you finish what you had started!

BY Arka Roy ChowdhuryJul 09, 2014

Getting Work Done

Getting things done can be a tedious task, and we all falter in this regard. We are either too lazy, or we do not have enough time for getting things done, all in all, the fault is ours for sure. By not getting things done you are only delaying your life. As they say time and money does not wait for everyone, you should realise that it is your time that is ticking away and you should make use of it to get things done. Understand ways in which you can get things done easily.

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Understand your Priority

People who are productive tend to understand their priority well. The first thing that you must do is to understand your priority and then work on them. Never lose focus, and get to your goal with your list of "to dos". Whatever it is, you have to understand that finally it is all up to you. You want to make it or let it go?
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Create a System

It is only a system which will help you to go through troubled tide. Every productive person has a passion for getting things done, and they have a system which they abide to. Once you have a system, it is very easy for you to refine it and work on things, matters that are pressing should be addressed first. Create a system and follow it, make a plan.

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Be Focused

It does not help to jump from task to task, that will only create more confusion in your life. Do not start things that you will not be able to complete, take tasks head on, and work on them one after the other. By spreading your tasks you will not be able to complete any, and hence you should focus on one goal. You should in fact cut your "to do" list into half.

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Take more Breaks

Yes, here is a surprising one for you. A person working for five hours non stop, without any breaks is a person who is not a person. He is a robot. But as human beings we tend to feel and we have emotions, our brain is equipped well, but it too needs to rest. You need to take rest more often. Go for a snack and you will come back recharged and ready!

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Let the Right One In

When you realise that something is working fine for you, then you must make some effort to work on that deeply. You must work on that and take it further, as far as you can go with it. Try and excel in it and you will find new avenues in your life. Trying numerous things that do not work out is of no good, and therefore you should be master of something instead of being the jack of all trades. Try and squeeze all the benefits from it.

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Keep a Track

People who are productive do not like to waste any time, and therefore they keep a track of the work that is done. They note down the amount of work that is finished and the amount that is left. Keep a system of ideas and your work, so that you do not forget anything, you will lose out in a lot if you ever happen to forget these things.

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Do Real Work

Most times we are attacked by the lazy bug, and we tend to act busy so as to make it look like we are working. But the fact remains that we are just too lazy, so lazy that we do not even want to admit the fact. In fact, laziness is the one of the top contributors of productivity that is lost. You must be able to place your focus in things that will matter, instead of getting bust doing things that do not matter.

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Do not Think too Much

It is good to be a thoughtful person, but when you begin to think too much about yourself and whether the world is going to like you or no, then you fail. You are basically losing time, and you are also not doing things that you could have done by now. So, forget all the wasted thoughts, and do something real. Stop wondering and pondering.

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