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8 Types of People Who May Be More Likely to Cheat

There are people whom we should trust, and then there are those whom we should not. Here are 8 types of people who are more likely to cheat on you!

Dating By Arka Roy ChowdhuryAug 19, 2014

Of Back Stabbers and Heart Breakers

While you are sitting at home, weaving a dream song of love with your apparent better half and you as the protagonists, there may be something else going on outside in the real world. In the real world your better half could be bedding other women, could be flirting in the most indecent manner with other men, irrespective of whether you are a male or female, remember that anyone can be a cheat. Both men and women have proved throughout history that they are capable of nasty things when it comes to relationships. Temptation lures every one.
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Rock n Roll Fans

Rock music fans are subjected to a life of being a libertine, think of Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger, and Jimmy Page. Their lives are full of alcohol, drugs, girls and music. That is why they call it, sex, drugs and rock n roll. Any rock music fan could be very well influenced by this sub-culture, and multiple sex partners would just be normal.  Unless of course he or she is the depressed Kurt Cobain type, which is also bad by the way.
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The Frenchmen and Women

Hidden amidst that knack for literature, art, music, and food, is a serial lover in every French person. They love to fall in love, Paris being their headquarters; the French are always talking in their thick accented language trying to seduce everyone. You cannot blame them for it; they are supposedly people full of passion for life and all that. So, dump the Frenchman and get out of Paris before he feels the need to experience “exotic sex” with someone else. Just say mi scusi, and walk!
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Female Teachers

Yes, according to a research the female version of humans who are in the business of teaching are most likely to seduce young, hormone raging boys. Yes, this is also why you probably have had a fling with one of your young ma’am. The education of course is primary, but the flirtation and seduction follow up later. They almost go hand in hand, somehow. Forget the chalk on the blackboard talk men, we say you should run!
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Men who are Tall

All those guys who boast of being tall and give the short ones nasty looks are nasty in real life. It kind of makes sense now to think of it. What do they do with all that extra height? We have all thought of it at some point in our lives. They are using it, to cheat on their wives and girlfriends! A study by an extra-marital dating site showed that those men who were more than 5’10” are more likely to lose it.
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Twitter Users

How about this now? Social media could actually be jeopardising your relationship, and it all happens in just 124 characters. A research from the University of Missouri shows that those who tweet, they cheat. In fact the more often the person uses Twitter, the more often there are conflicts in the relationship such as affairs.
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Those I.T. Guys

What’s with all the techno stuff going on in their heads, the I.T. guys can get a tad bit weak on their morale. They may look quite fancy and they may be very intelligent, but between your bed and the computer there often comes another woman on another bed/table/or anything that is stable basically.
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The Blonde Beauties

Yes, they have it all; the looks, the hair, the smile, the teeth, something about them blondes ey? But, a survey recently concluded that women with blonde hair are cheaters, in fact the staggering statistics say, 42 percent of blonde women are cheaters while only 11 percent of black haired women are cheaters.
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The Shopaholics

Going by this point, half the world’s female population would qualify as adulteresses. It has been revealed that an adulterous female is also a serious shopper. In a survey it was found that more than a third of the women spend more on their appearance since they began to cheat. Guess what the preferred brand of the unfaithful ladies were? Banana Republic. We rest our case.
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