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8 Tips for Man who is Bad in Bed

Some men are bad in bed while some are good. Understand what it takes for you to make the magic work in bed with your lady love.

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Aug 20, 2014

Tale of the Bad Bed Man

There are some people who have amazing sex, while there are others who do not. Sex is sheer passion, and there is nothing so technical about it, so if you are usually worried when you are at it, then you are having it wrong. In fact your approach to the entire thing is bad. Men, there is only one thing that matters when you are at it, and that is the woman’s body next to you, the body that is waiting for you to love it. Being bad in bed is a curse, but the only magic potion that works in this case is the joy of being passionate. Here are eight ways in which you can be a better man in the bed!
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Worship Her

Yes, that female figure in front of you lying on the bed is meant to be worshipped. Do not just go for the intercourse in haste, sex needs to be long and nice. So, be calm and look at her, and then touch her, every inch of her body is made for loving, make it worthwhile, discover her pleasure zones and let her moan softly. Remember she is not just a ticket for your mind blowing orgasm!
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Do the Foreplay

In the middle of being all playful, start your foreplay. Foreplay is very important, especially for girls, because unless you are some very hot hunk, chances are that she will not be wet. So, in order to get her started you need to do foreplay. Measure the length and breadth of her body, and enjoy foreplay. Use your tongue and lips and cover her body, she will go wild with pleasure.
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Start with a Kiss

Kiss your lady, and this is the best advice anyone will give you. Women loosen up with a kiss, and they melt right after that. If you have been skipping on the kisses, then we must say that you have topped the disaster chart when it comes to sex. Kissing is an integral part of the sexual act for everyone, and you better be doing. Use your tongue, not much, but try little by little and see her reaction. You need to experiment!
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Be Slow

Unless you have a train to catch, you should be slow. Start the intercourse in a slow manner, and then increase the speed. You cannot just start with a blast and finish even before the egg gets fried on a heated pan. So, let it start slow, and penetrate with sincerity. Yes, you heard it right, be sincere in the act of sex, make sure she is enjoying it.
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Thrust Deep

You are entering a woman, you need to thrust deep. Every slow motion should be a deep one, carefully calculated, and deep. So, make sure that you do this when you are in the act of intercourse. Thrusting deep will hit her sensory zones, and she will like it, she will cling on to you and whisper into your ears, “Don’t stop”. Now, don’t you want to hear that?
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Use your Hands

Now while you are at it, what happens to your hands? Your hands are made to hold on to things, not to remain idle. Therefore, while you are penetrating your lady love, you should use your hands in every way possible, use your hands to cup her breasts, your hands should hold her voluptuous behind, your hand should trace the nape of her neck, and your hands should basically be everywhere!
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Try a New Position

The same old sex position that you have been going on with can be boring and really tiresome. Therefore you should try a new sex position. Make it hot and steamy by going for it in different ways; you have the doggy style, the girl on top, the standing, the spooning and what not. Just make sure you do not break any bone in your body.
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Hello there, now we want to tell you something extremely important. You must exercise on a regular basis. This is not so that you can show off a six pack to your lady, but only because exercising will make you flexible and at the same time will improve blood circulation in your body. Improved blood circulation means that you will have a stronger and better erection, means you will make your lady happy! Learn to lead a healthy lifestyle!
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