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8 Signs that She Likes You

Here are the 8 sure-shot signs that will tell you if the woman you like likes you or not.

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan / Dec 26, 2013

Does she Like you?

One of the first things people depend on when it comes to understanding whether one likes you or not is non-verbal information. The Social Issues Research Center says that if you divide and calculate the percentage of each aspect of our communication, more than 50 percent of it is non-verbal and the rest is based on speaking signals. It, therefore, stands justified to zero in on your crush’s non-verbal signals to know whether she likes you or not.

Flicking her Hair

A popular kinetic gesture that women make when they are comfortable around men or women, for that matter, is tossing hair. While casually doing a seductive toss is a way of letting you know that she likes you, if your crush does it continually, it just implies that she is nervous and uncertain about you.

Licking Lips

Licking the lips is another unintentional or subconscious gesture that women make when they are with the guy they like. This serves as a way to draw attention to her lips and imply that a kiss is likely in a few days. You must, however, exercise some precaution when you are interpreting this behaviour. Licking may also just be a bad habit that she has.


You tease those the most that you love. Teasing pulls a lot of attention, if you did not know already. Teasing is the most popular way in which two people tell each other that they are crushing on them. Women sometimes, also use this easy trick on guys to see exactly what they are interested in. So, do not be oversensitive to it.

She tries to Get as Close to you as Possible

When you are physically present in the company of someone, you feel closer to him or her. And that makes you realise how much you really like them. Physical proximity to crushes augments attraction between the two people. If you observe that the lady you like is trying to be with you most times of her day, she does like you indeed.

An Open Posture

A woman’s posture can speak volumes of whether she wants to hang out with you or not. If she has her body completely turned away from yours when you are talking to her, she has no interests of taking the conversation forward. On the contrary, if she turns her body towards yours when you approach her, she is interested in you.

She Shares her Personal Life

Once you have started talking to her, try to take things to the next level by sharing something about yourself to her. But, make sure that you do not give details about your life that could scare her. If there is a reciprocal response, she has a positive impression about you and sure wants to get things going ahead. Sharing helps to increase one’s feelings of intimacy.

Responds Friendly

If she smiles at your wittiness, she likes you. Girls do not like guys who throw their wittiness out deliberately even when there is an air of negativity all around. The next social event that you go to, make sure that you open questions to women and those who are interested will join you.

Head Tilt and Smile

One of those flirty gestures that a girl makes when she is talking to someone she likes is tilting her head to the side and smiling. If she tilts her head the next time you talk to her and exposes her neck to you, it is a sure sign that you have caught her attention.


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