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8 Secrets of women who never get fat

French women are known for their slim stature and it’s not just eating and drinking in moderation that keeps them at a healthy weight. Know the other eight secrets of women who never get fat.

Weight Management By Ariba Khaliq / Jul 13, 2015

French women don’t get fat

Have you heard about the book “French women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure?” Well, the claims of the book are certainly supported by statistics. Rates of obesity in France are 10 percent currently as compared with the 22 percent in other parts of the world. You must be wondering how they do it with all that cheese, pastries, wines and breads on offer? In her book, Mireille Guiliano has explained the reason to be a healthy relationship with food. Steer clearing of snacking, binge eating or eating processed foods are some food habits French women follow. It took us two weeks to absorb the French lifestyle, and here we are with some suggestions as to why French women stay slim, and you can too. Here are the secrets of women who never get fat.

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They walk

When we might drive or hire a taxi, French women walk. And, as research shows, walking for 60 to 90 minutes a day is important to maintain a healthy body weight. That may sound like a lot, but try increasing your walking regimen 10 to 15 minutes per day so you won’t notice it.

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They cycle

According to the American Journal of Public Health, more than half the difference in obesity rates among countries is associated with their walking and cycling habits. And, even moderate cycling can help you burn more calories compared with driving.

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They drink black coffee

Unlike your favourite milk latte or cappuccino, black coffee has zero calories. A large cup of latte can contain up to 200 calories. Even without sugar! Yes, now you understand.

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They live in apartments with no lifts

Every minute of climbing stairs causes you to torch nine calories. According to the American Journal of Health Promotion, an average-sized man walking up a normal flight of stairs eight times a day could burn off the equivalent of four days’ food every year.

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They eat three meals a day

Modern diets encourage you to eat five to six small meals a day, which unfortunately is not backed by strong scientific evidence. If the study by the University of Newcastle is to be believed, spreading your calories over six meals makes no difference at all to weight loss. Eating five or six meals when you’re not hungry estranges you from crucial body signals that can help you lose weight naturally.

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They love dogs

Dogs are allowed on public transport and holiday accommodations in France. Dog owners take them everywhere, which means they have to take their pet for a walk twice a day for approximately 25 minutes each time and three long walks each week. That’s more than eight hours of walking, and there’s no skipping it.

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They eat a variety of foods

To get all the necessary nutrients, you must eat at least 30 different types of foods each week. And if our diet happens to be deficient in one nutrient, it will push us to eat until we meet that need, even if we have consumed enough calories already. Take your cue from this and add fresh fruits and veggies to your diet because they are nutritious, dense and satisfying but still low in calories.

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They eat cheese, cake and chocolate

This may sound paradoxical—the foods that make us fat help keep the French slim. Let’s understand the logic behind this. French manners suggest taking only one helping of cheese from the board, however only a small portion of brie can stimulate the production of the hormone cholecystokinin, which makes you feel full. Secondly, not having a list of forbidden foods, such as, cakes and chocolates, help French women to overcome bingeing.

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