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8 Questions you Must Ask Your Doctor Before Taking Any Medicine

Has your doctors prescribed you new medications? Here are the important questions you should ask your doctor before taking the medication.

Women's Health By Meenakshi Chaudhary / Jun 11, 2014


It is very common to get a prescription listing several medicines. Usually,  every time the doctor tells us to start taking some medicines we get curious however we don't know exactly what to ask the doctor. Here are the 8 important questions you should ask your doctor before taking any medication. Image Courtesy: Getty


What is the Name of the Medicine?

It is always better to confirm the name of the medicines written on the prescription list. It will make sure that there is no scope of confusion regarding the medicines. Taking the wrong medicine can be harmful for the patient. Image Courtesy: Getty

Why Am I Taking This Medicine?

Ask your doctor about the reason for taking a particular medicine. It will help you understand the goal of every medicine and you will be able to change your lifestyle if it clashes with those goals. Image Courtesy: Getty

How Long Will I have to Take it?

You should also ask your doctor about the duration he is planning to prescribe the medicines for. It will help make certain changes in your habits and lifestyles, if required for better results from the medication. Image Courtesy: Getty

Will it Conflict with Other Medicines?

If you already take some medicines, this question becomes very important. Ask your doctor if the new medicines will create conflicts with the medicines you already take. You must keep your doctor aware of all the medicines you have been taking. Image Courtesy: Getty

When and How?

Ask your doctor about how often you should take the medicines. It is important to understand if a medicines needs to be taken only when a need arises or regularly on a schedule. You should also know if you need to take the medicines before meal, with or between meals. Image Courtesy: Getty

What about Side Effects?

Ask your doctor about all the possible side effects of the newly prescribed medications. It will help you and your doctor minimize those side effects and speed up the recovery. If you don't know about the possible side effects of a medicine, you may easily miss the symptoms of a side effect. Image Courtesy: Getty

How will I feel?

It is important to know how it would feel to take the medicines. Some medicines can make you feel dizzy while others can have different effects. Ask your doctor how you will feel after taking the medicines. Image Courtesy: Getty

Any Lifestyle changes?

Ask your doctor about any lifestyle changes that are required for these medicines to provide better results. You can discuss smoking, alcohol, foods you usually eat and other common habits. Image Courtesy: Getty


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