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Mother's Day 2019: 8 Moments that Make Us Realise “My Ma is the Best!”

Sure she nags you all the time to take an umbrella and to tie your shoelaces, but there is nothing out there that is going to provide that unconditional, non-judgmental type of love. Here are 8 moments that make us realise how amazing our mom is.

Women's Health By Varsha VatsJan 16, 2015

The Love of a Mother Is Rare and Wonderful

Mom is an inherent part of our life. We often fail to express our appreciation towards her, for several reasons. Sometimes we are too busy with our work or maybe we are just not communicative enough. But there are some teeny tiny moments in our daily lives that simply make us smile and wonder how amazing our ma is. These moments assure us time and again that we have the best mom ever; all of us! P.S. Don’t forget to call your mom today. She waits for it. Every day!




She Lets Us Sleep till Late

She feels we’re too tired and doesn’t wake us up on the given time. Her reason would probably be “But you came home so late last night, and you work so hard. You should sleep more.”




We Never have to Arrange for Food

Breakfast and lunch is ready at 6 in the morning before she leaves for work, or you do. She cooks your favourite vegetable so you don’t skip lunch or order junk. We just love you mom!




She Wants to be Our Friend

It might annoy us a bit when we find out moms stalking us on Whatsapp and Facebook, but she actually is innocently trying to fit in our generation. What’s more adorable is that even after millions of demos, she just can’t figure out how these ‘stupid’ things work!




Also Takes Care of Our Friends

Ma always makes sure that your friends don’t leave the house without eating. She would actually know which of your friend likes what and cooks according to their taste whenever they are visiting. Also, she would always find you and your friends to be growing thinner even when you actually are putting on. “Why are you growing so thin and pale? Don’t you eat properly? Is there a problem in your life? Haw, are you on drugs?”




She’s Always Proud of Us

Be it her kitty party, dad’s official get-together, or just a random visit by the neighbours and relatives, she just can’t stop boasting about us and our work. “That’s my girl! That’s my boy!” We see her cry tears of joy on our smallest of achievements.




Takes Our Pictures Everytime

Every time we dress up well, she has to clicks a picture of us and one with us. “Let me take a picture with you, don’t worry won’t put it on social networking sites. This is for my collection.” And the picture is shown at the next get-together. “That’s my girl! That’s my boy!”




She’s Always at Our Service. Like 24x7!

She gets us coffee during our late night study sessions. “Or do you want me to get a can of red bull for you?” she asks. Runs her fingers on our forehead while we’re asleep and she would quietly serve food no matter how annoyed she is at us. She just won’t let her kids sleep empty stomach.




She Just Wouldn’t Let us Give Up on Our Dreams

Failures may deter us but not her. And just when we are about to give up, she encourages us to get up and try again, reminds us that we aren’t failures. “What’s wrong with you? You’re amazing and you’re with that.”


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