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8 Fun exercise activities for kids

To get your child to leave electronic gadgets for a fun-filled exercise session with you is a task. Or perhaps your idea of exercise is too boring. What you need are these 8 fun exercise activities for kids.

Tips for Parent By Himanshu Sharma / Jun 06, 2015

Jump rope

Jump rope can be a lot of fun. It is low-impact as well as safe. To make it more fun, you can sing a rhyme as your kid jumps.

Walk the pet

Exercising with your dog is one of the best ways for children to get the exercise their body needs. Running, walking, or playing in the lawn with a dog can give a great workout.


All kids love cycling. It is a fun and easy way to be active and healthy. It doesn’t take much time for kids to learn to get going on a two-wheel ride. Help them ride for a few days and they will get started on their own cycling adventure.


The idea of fun with exercise for children always works.Dancing is an effective exercise that can move different muscles of the body at the same time. Turn the music on and start dancing with your kid.


You can enrol your kid in a martial arts class. Martial art forms include warm-up, stretches and moves to give a full-body workout. Besides, they also teach teach self-discipline and improve socialization skills.


You can make running a fun exercise by taking your kid to the nearest jogger's park. You can get innovative with the activities such as by setting up a finish line; competitiveness will definitely give your kid the charge.


Frisbee can be one interesting exercising activities for kids. Throwing and jumping to catch a flying disc requires movement leg, arm and hip movement. Take the frisbee out of the dusty drawer and hit the playground with your child.


There is nothing better than sports to get your child his daily dose of workout. Whether it is cricket, football or basketball, playing sports involves a lot of running, moving and stretching.



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