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8 Causes for Indigestion Revealed!

Do you keep feeling a burning sensation in the abdomen, bloating (feeling of fullness), pass wind or burp, have an acidic taste or a rumbling stomach? These symptoms suggest you are suffering from indigestion.

Other Diseases By Himanshu Sharma / Jan 30, 2015

Reasons for Indigestion

Do you keep feeling a burning sensation in the abdomen, bloating (feeling of fullness), pass wind or burp, have an acidic taste or a rumbling stomach? These symptoms suggest that you are suffering from indigestion. The best way to avoid indigestion is by identifying the root cause. Take a look at what might be affecting your digestive health.

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Poor Eating Habits

The most common cause of indigestion is poor eating habits. Indigestion becomes a usual thing when you’re always in a hurry to finish your meal or eat on the go. Eating heavy meals without chewing properly can leave you with indigestion. Spicy foods, oily and fatty foods can also be the reason for digestive discomfort. Avoid overeating, eat slowly and chew your food properly.

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Digestive Problems

There are certain conditions that can trigger indigestion. Gastritis (stomach inflammation), gallstones, stomach ulcers, gasteroenteritis and inflammation of the pancreas can cause abdominal discomfort. If you are suffering from these conditions and your symptoms change abruptly, you should seek medical help immediately.

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Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption can cause a wide range of health problems, including indigestion. Alcoholic beverages are dehydrating and can cause the cells to shrink and get damaged. Binge drinking can impair your digestive health.

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Caffeinated Beverages

Coffee and other caffeine-containing foods are known to cause digestive troubles. Excessive consumption of these beverages can trigger acidity and GERD. Caffeine prolongs relaxation of the stomach's muscles, which results in delayed gastric emptying. As a result, you may experience cramping and bloating.

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Smoking affects almost every body part. Poor digestion is one of the ill-effects of cigarette smoking. Smoking damages the digestive enzymes to suppress your appetite. As a result, food remains undigested for a long time and you feel full.

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Digestive problems can be caused because of you being emotionally upset. The hormonal surge generated during stressful situations affects the digestive system. The reason behind emotions triggering digestive problems is because the gut is highly sensitive and full of nerves.

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Exercising after a Meal

There are endless reasons for why you need to get moving, but it is not such a good idea after a meal. One must maintain a sufficient gap of time between eating and exercising and not exercise immediately after having a heavy meal. Doing so can increase blood circulation to other parts of the body instead of the digestive system and you may experience gut trouble.

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Drug Overuse

Drugs have potential side-effects. There are certain drugs like painkillers and supplements that cause stomach acids to leak back. Some of the medications may relax the oesophageal sphincter muscles to cause indigestion symptoms.

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